This clever authorisation system enables inductees to upload and submit both mandatory and optional documentation as well as licences for qualification and approval. 

Document Upload and Storage


Simply create a list of trade types that apply to your organisation, as well as all relevant licences, credentials and documentation required for each type.
Trade lists will then determine the licences and credentials that are mandatory for a contractor to upload, prior to undertaking an induction.
For example, mandatory documentation for an Electrician would include a Class A Electrical Licence, a Police check and if required, a Working with Children Check. 

Staff, Casuals, Volunteers

The Accreditation system enables companies to determine which documentation will be required – either as a whole, or relating to a specific job or site.
For example, it is easy to capture and monitor all Police checks, or have all casual staff upload their RSAs before being able to complete their induction and other modules.

Accreditation is linked to LinkSafe Onsite. If any documents or licences have expired, or are not completed, staff or volunteers will be declined – ensuring only those that should be on site, are on site.  

Document Expiry

Expiry of documents can be viewed via the Monitor system. A month before expiry, an automated email reminder will be sent to the individual, prompting them to upload their updated accreditation/licence to avoid being marked as non-compliant. This ensures that only those who are suitably qualified to work on site will gain access. 

System Flexibility

The Accreditation system is extremely versatile and can be expanded to include a variety of roles, with a selection of licences, credentials and documentation.