Emergency Procedures Training Software

Ensuring that your employees or contractors understand how to respond during an emergency can be both complicated and time-consuming.
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Australia’s Best Emergency Procedure Training

One way to guarantee that everybody has access to your emergency procedures and that they have undergone the relevant training is by implementing some form of emergency procedures training software in your business.

At LinkSafe, we offer fully customised emergency procedure software that has been tailor-made to reflect not only the emergency procedures in place within your organisation, but to reflect your company branding and ethos. 

Make sure your employees and staff are fully informed with LinkSafe emergency procedures training

With over 30 years of experience in developing emergency procedure training for all industry sectors, we’re perfectly placed to design software for emergency training that’s built on your business and its needs. 

Our software is not only fully customised, but it offers automated training that’s easy-to-use, accessible 24/7, and that will free up valuable members of staff. There’s no need to face-to-face training; your employees and staff can simply access the training they need online. 

Plus, as all our emergency procedure training software is held on our secure LinkSafe server, you don’t have to worry about installing, backing up or maintaining your new software. We do it all for you.

Software for emergency training that’s built to reflect your organisation and brand

To develop the draft content for your software, we carry out an in-depth needs analysis of your organisation. 

This includes everything from site and organisational policies, procedures and practices through to company images, videos, audios and branding and logos. 

Furthermore, all our software for emergency procedure training is user-friendly and includes easy-to-understand flowcharts. After all, the aim is to ensure that your employees and contractors are fully informed and know exactly what to do should there be an emergency. 

Ensuring that your staff get the emergency training they need, and that you stay fully compliant

With an emergency procedure software system from LinkSafe, you’ll get not only get the peace of mind that all your staff are fully conversant with current emergency procedures, but you’ll also know that your business will be fully compliant. 

Every log on is verified and recorded, and with automated monitoring of renewals and expiry dates, you can be sure that staff will always be up-to-date with their training. 

Full support and guidance given to ensure the best use of your emergency training software

As with all our induction software, you’ll be given an account manager to help you with everything from the development of your training software right through to amendments, upgrades and any queries or problems you have. 

Want to know more about our emergency training software systems?

To find out more about how a customised emergency training software system could help you, contact our LinkSafe Sales team now by calling 1300 558 102. 

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Job Role specific, Multiple Tiers within the organisation and Multi-Sites:

For example, you may have a high level induction to your organisation, a department induction and then a site specific induction. The LinkSafe system can also guide the order in which inductions are required to be taken.


All LinkSafe inductions are fully customised:

LinkSafe provides unrivalled company customisation and personalisation to ensure brand consistency and user-familiarity. Content comprehension and recognition can easily be enhanced with company branding, icons, flowcharts, photos, videos and embedded documents.



Inductions are so user-friendly inductees can register themselves. No need for login names or passwords! The online reporting function then provides an account of who has been inducted, where they are from, their unique ID number and when their induction expires.


Monitoring and Renewals:

Inductions are also automatically monitored for renewal, based on the length of validation you set for each course. The inductee will automatically receive an email a month before their induction expires informing them of this, and stepping them through the process of induction-renewal. For more information on Monitoring


ID Cards:

Once an induction is completed, an ID card is sent through to the inductee and also to your organisation. This card can contain any information required including photo identification as well as contact and company information. A QR code is also used to enable you to quickly bring together all required information. For more information on Licences/Credentials


Search and Reporting:

LinkSafe search and reporting tools make it extremely easy to view an individual inductee’s status including whether or not he/she has been inducted and comply with the company’s specific requirements. The search function advises whether the individual should be on-site and for total convenience, information can be accessed by our free mobile App – which is available on all devices.


Unlimited Access:

We do not have a per head fee, as LinkSafe believes it is imperative to get as many people inducted into your organisation as required, without the need to worry about additional fees and charges.


Ongoing Training Purpose:

The LinkSafe system can also be utilised for specific training modules, whether it be job, role, task or site specific; allowing companies to give additional training where required to contractors, staff or volunteers.


24/7 Access – Australia-wide:

LinkSafe’s powerful online system ensures inductions can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, nation-wide and across all internet enabled devices.