Frequently asked questions

Below is a list of frequently asked questions. These have been categorised by LinkSafe module to assist your queries even further. 

Q: Does LinkSafe only cater for inductions?
A: LinkSafe can accommodate all of your online requirements, including general and specialised training modules and courses.

Q: Do I have to set everything up or will LinkSafe do it all for me?
A: LinkSafe will do all the work for you, from the initial setup to making updates and amendments throughout the life of your courses.

Q: What can I include in my online course?
A: LinkSafe can include all of your files for download, including images, video and audio.

Q: Does my IT department need to do anything? Do we need to install anything on our computers or networks?
A: All of your online solutions are securely hosted by LinkSafe, with no requirements of your IT department and no need to install anything. All you need is a device with an internet connection. 

Q: Can LinkSafe online solutions meet my organisation’s brand requirements?
A: Throughout the draft process, the LinkSafe design team will work in close consultation with you to meet your branding requirements. 

Q: Can inductees upload credentials and documentation to meet qualification requirements?
A: Yes, LinkSafe can work with you to ensure each inductee uploads exactly what you require of them, including licences, certificates and forms. 

Q: How easy it is to set up usernames and passwords for inductees?
A: With the LinkSafe system, individual usernames and passwords are not required. 

Q: What do inductees receive when they have finished an online course?
A: LinkSafe systems can generateboth certificates of completion and ID cardswith a photo and QR code which will integrate with the LinkSafe Onsite system. The LinkSafe design team will work with you to create exactly what is required. 


Q: Will LinkSafe process and manage my pre-qualifications, or do I need to?
A: LinkSafe’s Validate system is flexible and can be set up either way to suit your requirements. You can nominate to either manage this process internally, or let LinkSafe handle it for you through our Channel of qualified professional safety consultants. 

Q: Is it hard for a contractor to complete my pre-qualifications?
A: All LinkSafe systems are designed with ease of use being a paramount consideration. All systems are easy to use, and will work on all devices. 

Q: Can my pre-qualifications be separated into various risk categories?
A: The LinkSafe team will work with you to build a live form that will, depending on initially provided answers, dynamically change the information required and determine the risk profile and level of each submission. 


Q: How much does the LinkSafe app cost? Do I need to purchase a copy for each site?
A: The LinkSafe app is a free download, allowing you easy and free access wherever you require it. 

Q: Can I have a live site register?
A: With the LinkSafe Onsite system, you are able to see, in real time, who is on site, where they are from and how long they have been there. 

Q: Can individuals sign in on an unmanned site?
A: Provided there is a device with an internet connection on site, LinkSafe will work with you to provide a secure sign in/out process and site register. The LinkSafe system will then instantly complete all of the required checks, and will determine if the individual is allowed on site (based on specific criteria).

Q: Is it easy to sign in and out?
A: You can sign in and out on any device with an internet connection. An individual can simply scan in on a mobile device, or enter their unique pin into a browser window. The LinkSafe system will then instantly complete all of the required checks, and will determine if the individual is allowed on site (based on specific criteria).