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LinkSafe’s Proven Process for Induction & Compliance 



The LinkSafe process for online inductions and contractor management is well established and proven to deliver outstanding training and compliance results. Our experienced and committed Sales and Support teams are a valuable source of information and will guide your organisation throughout every phase of online induction, contractor management or compliance considerations, as well as system implementation. 

The benefits are measureable

There are many benefits associated with online inductions and compliance systems. Many of our clients confirm the following measurable benefits; 

  • Significant cost-savings – year on year
  • Ease of use for all users with excellent feedback
  • Reduced down-time
  • Increased compliance 
  • Enhanced learning retention
  • Better records management 

“With hundreds of clients, thousands of live inductions and hundreds of thousands of inductions completed, our Sales and Support teams are well versed to demonstrate the clear advantages of LinkSafe systems and then deliver customised online induction solutions that will deliver substantial time and cost-saving benefits for years to come. “ 
David Erczmann, National Sales Manager, LinkSafe

Management Phases of LinkSafe Systems

4. Performance and Appraisal

During the management phase of online inductions, contractor management and ongoing training, our Support team is always on-hand to ensure our client’s get the most from their system’s capabilities. We pride ourselves in being committed to online performance and constantly seek ways to improve outcomes. 

Reviews & Renewals

Regular reviews of online induction and contractor management systems are recommended. 
Reviews are a good opportunity to reassess content, procedures and data. Amendments or improvements are normally quick and easily coordinated through our Support staff.

In our experience, the best time for reviews to take place is prior to the annual renewal.

Account Management

We value good client relationships and long-term partnerships. Our relations and communications are underpinned with a dedicated Sales and Support team who are committed to your organisation’s online training performance and its corporate compliance.  We appoint Account Manager(s) to each client to ensure a deep understanding of each client’s induction, training and contractor management requirements and to also manage all communications and resolutions quickly.  

Training & Consulting

We offer a range of training and consulting services tailored to meet client requirements.
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