LinkSafe’s Monitor is the easy way to manage records and automate the monitoring of all required licences, policies and documentation. 


It couldn’t be easier! Do away with cumbersome spreadsheets and calendar alerts. Monitor manages the following records effortlessly; 

  • Workers Compensation Certificate
  • Public Liability Insurances
  • Professional Indemnity Insurances
  • Trade Licences
  • Motor Vehicle Licences
  • Working With Children Checks
  • Police Checks
  • Contracts


Manage Records


LinkSafe’s Monitor system ensures easy document updates, record keeping and compliance with automation of expiry dates and prompts for new document uploads.

Once a document is stored within our system, the expiry date will be automatically recorded and monitored. When the expiry date approaches, a reminder email will be sent to the user, stepping them through the process of uploading their updated document for your approval.

The system is extremely flexible and can be utilised for anything from contractors’ insurances to service agreements, leasing arrangements, Police checks, WWCCs and more.

All information can be accessed anywhere and on any device that is online.


Run reports to see who is compliant and who isn’t, or run a report to view all types of documents by individual, by company, department or site.

Choice is almost limitless – with reports that can be tailored with as much detail as required. For example, you can search for all compliant plumbers operating in Victoria, or all inducted electrical contractors and companies that work in both New South Wales and Queensland.

Document Monitoring

All approved documentation is automatically stored and expiry dates monitored.

Upon nearing an expiry date, automatic reminder emails are generated, providing the ability to upload updated documents.

Instant Compliance Checks

Easily access compliance information to identify compliance status throughout your organisation.

Multi-Site Record-Sharing

With all required documentation being monitored, it is easy for all your sites to use the system as an approved contact list to quickly see compliant companies that sites are able to engage, when required.

The Monitor system links in all aspects of our LinkSafe system by bringing together features from the Induction, Accreditation and Validate system to ensure you are able to easily identify whether or not someone should be on-site.