LinkSafe Onsite provides assurance that only those who should be on site, are on site. 


Site verification and sign-in could not be easier with the LinkSafe mobile App.


Free Mobile App for Stress-free Site Verification

It’s never been easier to validate whether or not an individual should gain access to your company’s sites.

With LinkSafe’s free mobile app (available on iOS, Android and Windows), it’s easy to enter a PIN or scan ID cards – equipped with a clever QR code – to verify whether:

  • the individual is inducted;
  • the individual’s credentials/licences are valid;
  • they work for a pre-qualified contractor or are a pre-qualified individual;
  • all company or personal documentation, licences and credentials are current and approved; and
  • they are an approved company or individual.



The system cleverly cross-references site specific induction modules and pre-qualification criteria.

This functionality is not limited to the smartphone app; you are able to also utilise a standard internet browser in exactly the same way.

If any licences or documents have expired or are not completed, the worker will be declined.

If they are approved to work on-site, they will be able to sign in utilising the live site register.






Real-time Reports

Onsite is able to provide real-time reports of who is on site and for how long. Reports also provide a register to assess who is in attendance, who they are working for, and the date and time they have signed in and out.

LinkSafe Onsite is an important tool for any company, particularly for reception and security. With a simple scan or PIN, the system will determine a Yes or No displayed on the screen for confident access decisions.

This system cleverly links to the other LinkSafe modules, accessing all information stored online and thereby providing a concise and easy to operate qualification portal.