LinkSafe’s online pre-qualification system will help both approval processes of contractors, staff and volunteers as well as the ongoing compliance status of contractors. Applications are assessed, approved and rejected based on pre-determined selection criteria.


Pre-qualification systems are tailored to each organisation and can include:

  • Contractor Safety Risk Assessment
  • Contractor WHS Policies & Procedures
  • Questionnaire and Forms
  • Workcover
  • Insurances
  • Licences
  • Safety Inductions
  • Other

The Validate system enables the pre-registration and pre-qualification of contractors and individuals by asking a series of defined questions and allowing all appropriate documents to be submitted prior to validation.


Contractor Pre-qualification

Specific to contractors, the system has a live feed to ASIC (Australian Securities and Investments Commission) to ensure a valid ABN has been provided.

The Validate system allows for customisation of a range of question fields which can branch into different risk categories. A series of YES/NO responses determines approvals and in turn prompt and provide additional documents.

The system is flexible, allowing complete content freedom with unlimited detail and depth of information required by contracting companies to complete.
The Validate system, as with all LinkSafe systems, can be fully customised to ensure consistent branding as well as inclusion of images, videos and embedded documents. 

Staff & Volunteer Pre-qualification

For individuals including staff and volunteers – unlimited information can be requested and stored. For example; banking details, emergency contact information and much more. Individuals can upload required documents or licences such as a drivers licence, Police checks, or Working with Children Check.

The Validate system allows assessment of the individual’s responses and automatically decides whether to approve or reject a submitted form. If submissions have not met the predetermined criteria, reasons can detail why the submission has been rejected, and allow individuals to re-submit. 


Validation forms can be automatically renewed on a yearly basis to ensure responses, documents and other essential information is kept up-to-date and is available.