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Automated Sign In for Visitor and Site Security

Automated Sign In for Visitor and Site Security

Keeping control of visitors to sites has traditionally been dealt with by having a full-time reception desk where visitors can be welcomed and signed in. For some companies, that’s a wasteful use of resources while for others it’s not practical to have someone there all the time.

The answer sometimes has been to have an unmanned desk where visitors sign themselves in and alert staff to their presence by telephone. That can often seem to be unprofessional and can be prone to abuse and security breaches. The better and more modern solution is to use automated sign in that offers many advantages over traditional methods.

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Using QR Codes for Contactless Sign In
Improving the Visitor Experience

Using QR Codes for Contactless Sign In

Previous versions of automated visitor sign-in systems have either required visitors to download an app or have meant entering details to a keypad in the reception area. With the current COVID-19 pandemic making people reluctant to touch surfaces and with recommendations to avoid such direct contact for health reasons, a contactless method of signing in is now the preferred option.

Contactless visitor sign-in by LinkSafe is now achieved by scanning QR codes. This requires no specific preparation by the visitor, only the possession of a smart phone or similar mobile device.

Any company using the LinkSafe system will simply need to download a QR code for each of its sites. This code can then either be displayed on a tablet computer or similar device or can be printed and displayed within the reception area, along with a welcome message, so there’s no requirement for expensive equipment.

Each visitor, including contractors and possibly even staff members, will then use the camera on their mobile device to scan the QR code before they can access the site. They may then be required to enter details and may be checked for compliance before being allowed to enter the site. Visitors will re-scan the QR code when leaving the site and will be logged out.

The process is much simpler and quicker than previous methods and offers greater levels of security. It also offers many more benefits that traditional sign in using manual methods simply cannot achieve.

Improving the Visitor Experience

LinkSafe’s contactless sign in process has many unique features and benefits that include:

  • Enhanced security, since no-one will be permitted entry without scanning the QR code and providing their details. Additionally, the whereabouts of everyone on site at a particular time can be logged and the QR code can be changed frequently to prevent misuse.
  • A more professional approach, with corporate branding and personalised messaging added to the QR code. The check in process will be simple to use, giving visitors a good first impression of the company. It can be made even easier for visitors who are expected since they can be pre-registered so they have little to enter on arrival. Similarly, sign in can be customised for different types of attendees.
  • Improved emergency procedures since you will be aware of exactly who is on site and can organise evacuation should an incident occur. This will ensure improved compliance with health and safety regulations.
  • The ability to log time in and out for contractors and employees so that invoices raised and time worked can be confirmed. The facility can also be extended to record the start and end times for particular tasks so that time spent is known and can be compared to expected time.
  • Better site auditing and reporting due to the comprehensive amount of information that is available.

Using LinkSafe’s contactless sign in, you’ll assure the security of your site, the reputation of your company and the safety of all visitors