Contactless Sign In via QR Codes

Ensuring the security of a workplace and everyone in it has long been a priority for most managers. That has historically been achieved by a manual registration system where employees, contractors and visitors sign in as they enter the site and then sign out on leaving. In that way, the presence of everyone was always known and, as a result, safety and security were improved.

The situation has been changing over recent years as the process has become more automated. However, this has still generally required people to touch screens or keypads, which has health issues that have been emphasised recently by the spread of COVID-19. As a result, contactless sign in is on the increase and is the answer to many challenges that have arisen from the virus.

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Using Contactless Sign In
Simplicity and Efficiency with Contactless Sign In

Using Contactless Sign In

Contactless sign in can be achieved without the need for visitors to download an app or make any other special provisions. All they need is a smartphone or other mobile device, which will be available to the majority of business people.

Companies that are registered to use the LinkSafe visitor management module can download a unique QR code that is then displayed on a welcome board in the reception area. Visitors will use the camera on their mobile device to scan this QR code, which will cause a sign in form to be displayed on their web browser. They can then enter their details and complete the sign in process in a completely contactless and hygienic manner.

All details of every person on site at any given time will therefore be recorded, including who they’re with and the purpose of their visit. When visitors leave, they will sign out by either scanning the QR code again or tapping a link, so they’re then recorded as being no longer on site.

Additional features may also be incorporated when using the QR code for visitors:

  • The QR code can be geo-locked to ensure it cannot be photographed and used out of that geo-site to sign people in and out.
  • When scanning the QR code it can also prompt for a photograph on sign in and out. If a device is not available to display a welcome screen, the QR code can still be downloaded but will then be printed and placed on the reception desk with instructions for registration. Visitors will then scan the printed QR code in the same way on entry and exit.

Simplicity and Efficiency with Contactless Sign In

LinkSafe’s visitor management module is completely straightforward to use for all types of visitors. It enables fast and efficient recording of required information, provides knowledge of who is on site and where they are, and enables full contact tracing where necessary.

The module satisfies all safety and security needs, including the latest COVID-19 requirements to reduce contact and so prevent the spread of infection. It is just one part of our complete and integrated system that will enable you to manage contractors, employees and visitors safely, securely and in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible. To keep track of who’s on your site and to do it in the safest possible way, contactless sign in is the only practical solution.