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COVID-19 and the Changing Nature of Workplaces with Contactless Inductions

Inducting new employees and contractors before they are allowed to work on a site has traditionally required a face-to-face meeting. This has usually meant that several people are gathered together in a room and taken through the induction process. Necessary site and safety information has been passed on to new workers and required documentation, such as insurances, safety certificates and other details have been gathered at the same time.

That situation has been gradually changing for some time with online inductions often being quicker and more efficient. The coming of the COVID-19 pandemic and the need for social distancing that has resulted has hastened the uptake of contactless inductions since these are much safer and are becoming an integral part of the way that workplaces are now required to operate.

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A Safe and Efficient Induction Process
Entry Permitted for Competent Workers only

A Safe and Efficient Induction Process

COVID-19 has been and still is a serious problem that has caused death, serious illness and social and economic chaos around the world. It has caused us to make changes to the way we live and work, and some of these will remain beneficial long after the pandemic has gone away and is largely forgotten about.

One of these changes is the move to contactless inductions, which have numerous advantages that include:

  • continuous availability so that new employees and contractors can go through the induction process at a time to suit them
  • a consistent approach that does not depend on the person conducting the session
  • reduced costs due to everything being conducted online with no printed material or the need for premises
  • content that can be varied for different sites, so you have fully customised inductions that are site-specific
  • automatic capture of required information so that there is a complete record for each induction, stating the information each inductee has supplied, including documentary evidence
  • a guarantee that all workers have gone through the induction and have not missed any element
  • details are incorporated automatically into site and contractor records so you can be notified when anything is due to expire or needs to be renewed
  • full compliance with health and safety regulations
  • the ability to update the process as circumstances change and to notify inductees of any alterations they need to be aware of.

Contactless inductions will be undertaken using a PC, laptop or mobile device with the required app installed. Inductees will be provided with all necessary site safety and operational procedures and will complete a questionnaire that will test their knowledge, experience and training to establish that they have the required capability to be allowed on site.

The aim is to establish that all employees and contractors are familiar with health and safety rules, have knowledge of the site, are able to do what is required of them and can operate in a way that is safe for themselves and everyone else. This will require the completion of a checklist to ensure they comply fully.

Entry Permitted for Competent Workers only

Once employees and contractors have successfully completed the induction process, they will be allowed on site. However, a procedure is necessary to ensure they are compliant before entry is permitted. Everyone signing in to the workplace will have their details checked automatically to ensure they’ve successfully completed the induction and are fully up-to-date. Only those who are compliant will be allowed to enter.

By using LinkSafe’s online induction system, you’ll help to ensure that your workplace is fully COVID-19 secure. Not only that, you’ll gain in increased efficiency and reduced costs, have full compliance and will always be completely aware of the status of your employees and contractors.