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Difficult Challenges for the Hospitality Industry

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The hospitality industry has been hard hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, with hotels, bars and restaurants forced to close for a long period. Now that they are allowed to re-open, the future remains uncertain in an environment that’s changed totally from what it used to be.

With social distancing still being demanded, restaurants and bars are limited in the number of customers they can accommodate. Combined with a requirement for strenuous cleaning and sanitisation plus a need to avoid direct contact whenever possible, this has made the operation and visitor management of all hospitality establishments much more difficult. All are, therefore, having to adapt and find new ways to proceed.

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The Need to Reduce Direct Contact and How to do it
Multiple Benefits for Hospitality Businesses

The Need to Reduce Direct Contact and How to do it

It is a recognised fact that COVID-19 can be spread by contact with infected surfaces as well as by airborne transmission. If an infected person touches a surface and then others also come into contact with it, the virus can be passed on and spread the infection. Reducing the amount of contact is therefore crucial to limiting the spread of the virus.

Within the hospitality industry, the main point of contact is when guests check in and out. In a hotel, this generally requires that guests complete a register and then make payment when they leave. For restaurants, there is a similar need to register guests and for them to pay while all establishments, including bars, are now required to record visitor details for the purpose of contact tracing should infection occur.

The use of QR codes may just be the perfect answer. Although they’ve been around for a long time and are a more sophisticated and more capable version of bar codes, their uptake has not been high. However, the new emphasis on contactless transactions has brought them to the fore and their true potential is now being realised.

Using LinkSafe’s QR code system, you can provide contactless visitor management in quickly, easily and in a totally paperless manner that requires no direct contact at all.

Multiple Benefits for Hospitality Businesses

In addition to the safety and convenience aspects, our QR code system has many other advantages for the hospitality industry:

  • available to anyone with a smart phone or other similar mobile device with no need to download an app; the in-built camera can scan and interpret any QR code
  • as well as displaying the QR code, you can also show a welcome message and other important information for guests
    compliance with government regulations is ensured with all necessary guest details recorded for contact tracing.
  • Using LinkSafe’s QR code system, you’ll ensure all your guests enjoy the swift and safe contactless sign in they expect in the current environment. At the same time, you’ll gain all the additional benefits this new technology can bring — and all without the hassle of manual methods.