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Importance Of Using The Right Software

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Software – a minefield to navigate

There’s software for nearly everything and every business.

Software development has become a haven for technology developers.

But for businesses, determining which software delivers exactly what a company needs and wants is like navigating a minefield – pick the wrong software and its impending disaster.

Add to that why software is now the gatekeeper to any business success and performance, and you will quickly come to understand why some businesses have an advantage over competitors – success is now predicated on the right software, especially as a service provider.

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No one solution for all
Eliminating confusion

No one solution for all

Software technology applications aren’t bought off the shelf. No one universal application fits all – which part of the secret to Service Providers succeeding – having the right software applications.

It’s an issue which companies and businesses grapple with regularly.

As a service provider, evaluating the best software application that delivers and does exactly what it has to do can be a challenge?

To overcome the challenge means having a robust scope, and an end-goal in mind.

Decision making on software applications shouldn’t be made on the run – what may look like a good ‘off the shelf solution’ never live up to expectations and more times than will always fail.

Eliminating confusion

Experience and referrals are normally the best way to eliminate confusion. Seek the knowledge of others who have been down the same path.

Here are some key tips:

  • Speak to others within the industry, see who they use and what are their thoughts?
  • Speak to other providers – ask questions like where is their support based?
  • Is training provided as part of the support service?
  • Are health checks provided with the solution?
  • Is it easy for providers to scale up and down according to business needs?
  • Is there a central point of contact?
  • What experience do they have in your industry sector or with similar companies?
  • Is there access to expert advice to help navigate through what is a minefield?
  • Is the software constantly evolving to ensure best of breed technology is in place?
  • Are you charged by per head or per company? Or is there a fixed-fee service to enable you to budget year on year?

When you need help with finding the right software for your specific challenges, contact us at LinkSafe and we’ll work with you to create a tailored solution.