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Is there software to assist in compliance record management

The short and sweet answer is “yes”, but if we just leave it at that, this will be the shortest article in the world. Besides, you’ll probably want to know things like which software is best for the job, how it works, and why it’s a good idea to have this software. So now let’s dive in and take a closer look at what’s important in the world of contractor compliance record management.

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Best contractor management software

There are many contenders for the title, but the best choice for Australian businesses is LinkSafe. This software contains a large range of features, but the main reason you ought to check it out is that it’s made in Australia, so it’s designed especially for Australian industry. It can also be custom configured for use in other locales.

This software lets you store and check all the most important data regarding your contractors, including the status of their licenses and training. It will automatically notify you (and your contractors) if the time is getting close to when licenses need to be renewed or training needs to be updated.

Because the data is stored in secure cloud storage, you can access it from almost anywhere using any device capable of running a web browser. Your data is transmitted over a secure connection with strong encryption.

As a fully automated system that will prompt your contractors when there is action that needs to be taken, LinkSafe cuts your administrative workload, freeing valuable time for other productive tasks.

Helps keep trouble away

Contractor compliance is a legal obligation for every contractor employer and site operator in Australia. You need to be certain that you don’t let anything slip past your attention, and having contractor compliance software is the easiest way to have total assurance that it’s not possible to miss a contractor compliance event.

If your contractors aren’t properly licensed or don’t have valid up to date compulsory training, you could at the least share all legal liability for any incidents occurring because of (or to) the contractor while they’re on the job. In some cases, you may even be found to be fully legally liable, even though contractors don’t have the same vicarious liability provisions as ordinary employees.

The circumstances will determine who is held responsible, and there is no doubt that the contracting party is responsible for ensuring that the contractor can carry out the tasks of the job legally. Those who don’t have the necessary licenses, permits, or training, would not normally fit that description. If you didn’t check, that would be a serious lapse of legal responsibility.

Using contractor compliance software like LinkSafe means you can avoid that kind of problem, because it always checks for compliance, reports to you any issues of non-compliance, and alerts you (and your contractors) when it’s time for renewals.

Try LinkSafe free for 90 days

There’s absolutely no risk in trying LinkSafe, but there is certainly a risk in not using contractor compliance management software at all. The generous time limit of the free trial is very rare in business software, and it’s definitely a good idea to take advantage of the offer. It’s way better than tracking your compliance data on a calendar.