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Webinar: The most effective way to manage contractor safety

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Sue Bottrell speaks on the do's and don'ts of contractor safety

“The contention that a Principal Contractor is responsible for the methods of work employed by an independent contractor, including their management of safety in respect of that work is one of the greatest health and safety myths of all time” – Sue Bottrell – Lawyer. OHS Professional – LinkSafe Legal Advisor

LinkSafe in partnership with our legal advisor hosted a webinar to ensure that our clients (both current and prospective) can hear from the leading expert in contractor safety management – Sue Bottrell.

The webinar explains the most effective way to manage contractor safety including;

  • understanding your legal obligations (they are not what you think)
  • clarify what prequalification content should focus on, and,
  • how to write and deliver inductions that take only 15 minutes but pack a punch.

After this webinar, you and your contractors will breathe a huge sigh of relief, and you will know how to protect your contractors and protect your business and staff. This will be the most valuable webinar you will listen to this year.

This webinar goes for 1 hour, so grab a cup of coffee/tea and settle in.

By the way as part of our online systems, we work with Sue to ensure our clients get the right content, without the headache of drafting it themselves.