Online training software and how beneficial this can be to your business

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There are many different options of employee training softwares, but online training software outclasses them all. No other training delivery method provides so many advantages and so few disadvantages.

Major cost savings

Using online software based training means you don’t need a live onsite teacher for every training session, so the cost is considerably less than the traditional classroom format. You also can have unlimited class sizes.


Most online training can be completed at the time most suitable for the student. This differs greatly from traditional classroom training, where the student needs to attend a specific place at a specific time to complete the training session.

Rich learning experience

Online training software can make use of a variety of media resources and methods for in-depth training. Training can use video, audio, text, interactive text, and even simulation of complex systems. Other innovative training methods include the use of flashcards, games, and many more teaching tools.

Endless review

Books, videos, and online training share this feature which is not found in ordinary classroom based training. Students can repeat the material as often as necessary until they are fully familiar with the lesson content. The further advantage of the online training method is that it is interactive and can link through many different resources of different types. This is what elevates it above books or videos.

No fixed training location

Students are able to complete their training from anywhere they can access the Internet, which is a really big advantage. There are no geographical constraints, and if content is translated into other languages, truly no barriers to learning from anywhere in the world.


One of the biggest advantages of online training software is that students with disabilities can participate equally with other students, which is not always perfectly possible in conventional learning environments for a variety of reasons. Accessibility technology can facilitate and augment the experience for the user. Research has shown that use of some accessibility technology, such as closed captions on videos, can also enhance the learning experience for students who do not have disabilities.

Safe practical learning

Simulation is one of the best ways to teach practical skills in a safe way. Students can train for high risk environments (aircraft, oil rigs, construction sites, mining sites, ships) with no safety risk and no financial risk. Crashing a ship or collapsing a mine in a computer simulation is free. Doing those things in real life would be incredibly expensive. This is why it is better to simulate those hazardous tasks and environments before the students need to deal with them in a real work situation.

Academically endorsed

Many research papers and statistical studies conducted by numerous universities have produced findings endorsing the validity and superiority of CBT, and especially online CBT.

For example, a research paper published in Healthcare Information Research in 2010 cited strong analytic evidence that “web-based education” was significant in enhancing the learning potential for student nurses. Specifically, the study showed that online training was significantly more beneficial than other training options.

Another study published in the Journal of Educational Psychology showed that the effects of computer based teaching led to improved educational outcomes for secondary school students.

It is perfectly logical to conclude that online training can be beneficial to groups other than nursing students and secondary school students. In fact, of all the many studies conducted into the efficacy of CBT, none had negative findings. Every study concluded that there was some degree of extra benefit in using computers as a teaching tool.


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