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Deakin University Case Study

2 minutes
Aug 2021


“At Deakin, we were relying on outdated manual processes across our business divisions, which created a lack of consistency and visibility across the broader university. Implementing LinkSafe has enabled Deakin to streamline its practices across all operations and gain significant benefits. LinkSafe supported us to do exactly what we have long sought to do.” – Emma Dudley, Manager, Safety and Compliance.

Deakin University, founded in 1974, is one of Australia’s leading tertiary education providers – teaching over 60,000 students each year. Deakin has 4 campuses in Burwood, Geelong and Warrnambool and a premium online learning platform ‘Cloud Campus’.


“Our challenge was being able to deliver on expectations and prerequisites in an efficient and effective way. However, digital records have made it easier to deliver a service that is equal to our commitment to health and safety and the goal we wanted to achieve as a university.”
Safety, visibility and transparency were key objectives for Deakin University. Deakin wanted to implement a system that provided confidence and consistency to deliver best practice standards.
According to Emma, “LinkSafe provided the opportunity to implement a system that would integrate with Deakin process and revolutionise the way the university engaged with its contractors”.
“There are so many parts, components and complexities to a contractor management system,” Emma says.
“Having an integrated solution that brings all components together into a single platform, delivered a solution that offers confidence across all aspects of contractor management.”


Emma says, “A digital platform that offered integration and scalability while also providing customisation and the ability for the system to evolve was fundamental.”

“Working closely with LinkSafe we were able to confidently deliver against our set of criteria, whilst demonstrating forward-thinking and adaptable contractor management practices within a single platform.”


LinkSafe has enabled Deakin to embed rigour around the assessment of company and worker compliance. This has been an integral step in both the engagement and ongoing management of contractor compliance, performance and suitability.
“From a daily operational perspective, clear visibility of contractor attendance sees a lot of traffic passing through our campuses. It provides us with comfort that we have a portal that ensures only compliant and approved contractor activity is occurring. It provides the ability to act swiftly to ensure all contractors are compliant, qualified and suitable to perform activities they are engaged for on our campuses.”
“LinkSafe are very helpful and easy to work with, they are extremely responsive and supportive, and their willingness to collaborate and respond to change is highly valued.’