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Donvale Christian College Case Study

3 minutes
Jun 2023


“We are currently working with 31 contractors in the system, 30 incursion and excursion providers, and 35 specialists, hence we needed to ensure that our records of on-site visitors were accurate and up-to-date. The team at LinkSafe have been great to work with as they work hard to ensure any issues are handled quickly and efficiently in a professional manner.”
 – Stephen Holland, Risk and Compliance Manager of Donvale Christian College

The Background

Donvale Christian College is a co-education school, serving years P-12. Located in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Donvale Christian College educates more than 1500 students across two main campuses from more than 750 families within their community.

The Challenge

According to Stephen, Donvale Christian College’s main challenge was tidying up the processes of managing visitor inductions and high risk permits of contractors that engage with their sites.

The Solution

The team at Donvale Christian College have successfully implemented LinkSafe’s primary, central system that initiates and captures the large amount of collected data to document on-site visitors, as well as fact-checking visitor and contractor credentials. An efficient visitor induction process was put in place which aided in saving time, increased administrative efficiency and streamlined the complicated processes of contractor safety management.

The Results

“Under the guidance of LinkSafe, our team was provided with a reliable, straight-forward process to efficiently keep track of visitor and contractor information – resulting in high compliance across our sites,” said Stephen.