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Melbourne Racing Club Case Study

2 minutes
Jun 2021


“Eight years ago, the Melbourne Racing Club was in need of a system that allowed us to consolidate our documents and streamline our processing systems. LinkSafe, of all the companies we sourced, demonstrated why their Contractor Management System was the market leader. Add in the strength of their support and proactive customer service, the decision to engage with them was the right choice.”– Ryan Baldwin, Senior Risk and Safety Officer.

The Melbourne Racing Club is a not-for-profit members club with over 15,000 members. It conducts more than 70 race meetings annually across three premier racetracks in Victoria – Caulfield, Mornington, and Ladbrokes Park.

The Challenge

“Our challenge was to ensure we got our documentation control process right and eliminate the inefficiencies that came with manually processing documents. By having an electronic system, it allowed us to send and manage documents digitally. We didn’t need to have someone physically sending them and waiting. It made the process of centralising our contractor requirements and streamlining the information collection easier and faster and removed local agreements that may have been in place.”

The Melbourne Racing Club has long been focused on efficiency, centralising its operations and streamlining how it functioned effectively.

The MRC’s engagement of LinkSafe not only created effective and efficient management of contractors, their compliance and certification but allowed the MRC to remove local agreements and risks where individuals may have looked to take the easy way out.

“LinkSafe’s Contractor Management System allowed us to streamline our workflow processes and ensure we didn’t have to wait on a delivery of documents to arrive. We could process documents in minutes and make sure all of our contractors’ documents were up-to-date and fully compliant”

– Ryan Baldwin, Senior Risk and Safety Officer.

The Solution

According to Baldwin, LinkSafe was chosen because it allowed the MRC to find a software system that could centralise its documents while meeting the requirements of the company in the diverse and unique way it operates.

“LinkSafe’s Contractor Management System was cost effective in how it operated. They have been extremely supportive and shown to be not only responsive with their support but have also been proactive.”

The Results

LinkSafe through their centralised Contractor Management System have created a very user-friendly platform. When they are required to provide training and induct contractors, users of the platform find it easy to understand and follow. There is an embedded link in the workflow which works well for the Melbourne Racing Club.

“LinkSafe is an amazing company to deal with. They understand our business needs and are happy to engage and assist with any unique problems we have. They take on any suggestions on a wider scale and look to incorporate them into the next update of the software. They are a very proactive and responsive company committed to the delivery of excellence and a positive customer experience”