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Peninsula Health Case Study

Aug 2021


LinkSafe’s Contractor Management System has created an environment of consistency for our contractors around how they work and the expectations we set around how they are required to operate. LinkSafe’s system is not only great but is regularly updated to include new features, especially around COVID. The support LinkSafe provides exemplifies why they are an outstanding company.” – Lydia Schwellinger, Office Manager, Peninsula Health Care

Peninsula Health is the major public health service for the Frankston and the Mornington Peninsula. It provides care for residents along with a comprehensive range of sub-specialties that include emergency medicine, intensive care, obstetrics and gynaecology, aged care, rehabilitation, oncology, mental health, and care in the home.


Peninsula Health faced many challenges with how it processed its contractors prior to LinkSafe – consumption of time and resources being the main issue. But since then, LinkSafe’s Contractor Management System has transformed how Peninsula Health operates – streamlining every aspect of how they manage their contractors.

“We were keen to streamline and manage the whereabouts of all of our contractors – when they signed in and out to understanding and knowing whether all of our contractors were fully compliant!

“LinkSafe’s Contractor Management System has transformed how we operate!


“LinkSafe,” Lydia Schwellinger says, “were the solution.” “They resolved a problem that other companies couldn’t.” The ease of use of their systems allowed our staff and contractors to adapt quickly. Our contractors quickly came to appreciate they not only had to be fully compliant, but we needed to have greater visibility. Contractors couldn’t just rock up to work unless they had been authorised, and we have the relevant information as to what they were doing”.


“LinkSafe’s Contractor Management System has completely revolutionised our workload and management of our contractors.”

“LinkSafe’s Contractor Management System has dramatically improved how we do things. It has erased the challenging pressures we faced. We now know who is and isn’t compliant, where visitors and contractors are at any given time. LinkSafe’s Contractor Management System has helped mitigate our exposure to risk around Work, Health and Safety.”

LinkSafe are amazing. They are a terrific company who are proactive with their support and fully committed to delivering outstanding service.”