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Precise Air Group Case Study

2 minutes
Jul 2021


“LinkSafe have been amazing. Their commitment to service is not only outstanding but they serve to deliver immediate results.” – Richard Bagnato, HSEQ Manager.

Precise Air Group is a commercial company providing maintenance, repair and installation of critical building systems and infrastructure across Australia, ensuring ongoing maintenance of building management systems including air conditioning, fire detection and suppression systems, emergency power systems and other critical building services and equipment.
Clients include healthcare facilities, pharmaceutical labs, data centres, government, financial and educational institutions, leisure, and hospitality facilities across the country


“Our challenge was to ensure due diligence and safety governance of our workers, specifically related to onboarding, the provision of safety information, verification of technical competencies, across workforce that includes – 250 remote working employees, and a contractor network of over 900 companies along with their workers.
Precise is committed to ensuring the safety of its staff and contractors. LinkSafe has ensured it can create an a safer, effective, and efficient environment for it to manage its contractors and their compliance status.


Richard Says, “The team at LinkSafe worked very closely with us in understanding our needs based on our operational context, commencing with prequalification and evaluation of contractor safety management system, through to worker induction and the capture of mandatory technical competencies based on trade qualification type, furthermore LinkSafe assisted in providing integration with our own systems to ensure only approved and compliant companies may be allocated work, we are currently working on future integration to include allocation of work orders (only) to approved and compliant workers.
We have also seen great user uptake of the online incident investigation and Hazard (Issue Management) tools, feedback from the team is very positive.”


“In three years with the assistance of LinkSafe, at Precise Air Group we have been able to completely transform the way that we provide due diligence and safety governance from a paper based, spreadsheet, ad-hoc, time intensive model, to a fully integrated mobile / online solution.”
“We could not have achieved this with the team at LinkSafe, always approachable, great at what they do and always open to new ideas.”