Making employee induction quick and easy

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Inductions are a necessary task at many industrial sites, but not a task that is usually entered into gladly. Inductions can be a pain for employers and employees alike. The remedy for this problem is to make it possible for candidates to complete employee induction training offsite, which reduces the administrative overhead for the employer and makes induction more convenient for the employee, as the training can be completed when and where it suits the employee best.

Why giving employees more control is a good idea

Every employee at a work site where induction is a mandatory requirement will need to complete the induction. That should be the only restriction on the freedom of the employee or contractor before commencing work at the site. With the technology that exists today, it is no longer reasonable to expect people to attend onsite inductions, and it is actually disadvantageous to do so.

The alternative is to use online induction training, which is far simpler and more convenient for everyone. This way the candidate is able to complete the induction from anywhere they can access the Internet. It gives them more control and freedom to complete the induction at a time and place where it doesn’t interfere with any of their other responsibilities. They will appreciate this and it also saves you the burden of providing supervision for the induction.

Advantages of online induction training

The traditional onsite induction session involves a candidate listening to a lecture or watching a video presentation. The induction may be conducted in a group session or individually. The big problem with this induction method is that there is no way to be sure the candidate is actively listening or watching.

Keeping the attention of the candidate focused is important because the information is directly related to safety, security, and economic responsibility. It’s also difficult because this information is often delivered in a way most people find boring. In consequence, vital information may be missed.

Online training engages the learner through active participation and interactivity. The learner is no longer a passive spectator. The content can be completed in stages, and interactive quizzes can be used (and these quizzes can be delivered in different forms such as multiple choice tests, flashcards, puzzles, and essay-style Q&A) for tracking progress and evaluating the success or failure of the induction.

At the end of the induction process, the candidate can be properly tested on their worksite knowledge to ensure the induction information has been properly understood and memorized.

Because the employee induction training is completed online, it means the candidate can review all the training resources as often as necessary, until the details are clear and easy to recall.

Not every candidate will necessarily take the induction process seriously, but unlike in traditional induction sessions, the online induction will allow you to rapidly identify which candidates have taken the process seriously and which have not.

Best online induction training software

Online inductions are definitely the best option, but not all online induction software is equal (or even similar). The proper way for online induction software to be designed is so that all the material is delivered in a relevant way, with structure, assessment, and critical analysis. Engaging the candidate with interactive lessons, exercises, and perhaps even simulations will give the best chance for the information to penetrate and take hold in the memory of the candidate.

LinkSafe is Australia’s very best induction training software because it is designed to fulfil all the necessary criteria of good induction software design. It has been designed and developed by experts in employee induction training, safety experts, and elite software engineers.

You can be certain that choosing LinkSafe means you will get the results you expect.

Online training software and how beneficial this can be to your business

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There are many different options for employee training, but online training software outclasses them all. No other training delivery method provides so many advantages and so few disadvantages.

Major cost savings

Using online software based training means you don’t need a live onsite teacher for every training session, so the cost is considerably less than the traditional classroom format. You also can have unlimited class sizes.


Most online training can be completed at the time most suitable for the student. This differs greatly from traditional classroom training, where the student needs to attend a specific place at a specific time to complete the training session.

Rich learning experience

Online training software can make use of a variety of media resources and methods for in-depth training. Training can use video, audio, text, interactive text, and even simulation of complex systems. Other innovative training methods include the use of flashcards, games, and many more teaching tools.

Endless review

Books, videos, and online training share this feature which is not found in ordinary classroom based training. Students can repeat the material as often as necessary until they are fully familiar with the lesson content. The further advantage of the online training method is that it is interactive and can link through many different resources of different types. This is what elevates it above books or videos.

No fixed training location

Students are able to complete their training from anywhere they can access the Internet, which is a really big advantage. There are no geographical constraints, and if content is translated into other languages, truly no barriers to learning from anywhere in the world.


One of the biggest advantages of online training software is that students with disabilities can participate equally with other students, which is not always perfectly possible in conventional learning environments for a variety of reasons. Accessibility technology can facilitate and augment the experience for the user. Research has shown that use of some accessibility technology, such as closed captions on videos, can also enhance the learning experience for students who do not have disabilities.

Safe practical learning

Simulation is one of the best ways to teach practical skills in a safe way. Students can train for high risk environments (aircraft, oil rigs, construction sites, mining sites, ships) with no safety risk and no financial risk. Crashing a ship or collapsing a mine in a computer simulation is free. Doing those things in real life would be incredibly expensive. This is why it is better to simulate those hazardous tasks and environments before the students need to deal with them in a real work situation.

Academically endorsed

Many research papers and statistical studies conducted by numerous universities have produced findings endorsing the validity and superiority of CBT, and especially online CBT.

For example, a research paper published in Healthcare Information Research in 2010 cited strong analytic evidence that “web-based education” was significant in enhancing the learning potential for student nurses. Specifically, the study showed that online training was significantly more beneficial than other training options.

Another study published in the Journal of Educational Psychology showed that the effects of computer based teaching led to improved educational outcomes for secondary school students.

It is perfectly logical to conclude that online training can be beneficial to groups other than nursing students and secondary school students. In fact, of all the many studies conducted into the efficacy of CBT, none had negative findings. Every study concluded that there was some degree of extra benefit in using computers as a teaching tool.

Is there software to assist in compliance record management 

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The short and sweet answer is “yes”, but if we just leave it at that, this will be the shortest article in the world. Besides, you’ll probably want to know things like which software is best for the job, how it works, and why it’s a good idea to have this software. So now let’s dive in and take a closer look at what’s important in the world of contractor compliance record management.

Best contractor management software

There are many contenders for the title, but the best choice for Australian businesses is LinkSafe. This software contains a large range of features, but the main reason you ought to check it out is that it’s made in Australia, so it’s designed especially for Australian industry. It can also be custom configured for use in other locales.

This software lets you store and check all the most important data regarding your contractors, including the status of their licenses and training. It will automatically notify you (and your contractors) if the time is getting close to when licenses need to be renewed or training needs to be updated.

Because the data is stored in secure cloud storage, you can access it from almost anywhere using any device capable of running a web browser. Your data is transmitted over a secure connection with strong encryption.

As a fully automated system that will prompt your contractors when there is action that needs to be taken, LinkSafe cuts your administrative workload, freeing valuable time for other productive tasks.

Helps keep trouble away

Contractor compliance is a legal obligation for every contractor employer and site operator in Australia. You need to be certain that you don’t let anything slip past your attention, and having contractor compliance software is the easiest way to have total assurance that it’s not possible to miss a contractor compliance event.

If your contractors aren’t properly licensed or don’t have valid up to date compulsory training, you could at the least share all legal liability for any incidents occurring because of (or to) the contractor while they’re on the job. In some cases, you may even be found to be fully legally liable, even though contractors don’t have the same vicarious liability provisions as ordinary employees.

The circumstances will determine who is held responsible, and there is no doubt that the contracting party is responsible for ensuring that the contractor can carry out the tasks of the job legally. Those who don’t have the necessary licenses, permits, or training, would not normally fit that description. If you didn’t check, that would be a serious lapse of legal responsibility.

Using contractor compliance software like LinkSafe means you can avoid that kind of problem, because it always checks for compliance, reports to you any issues of non-compliance, and alerts you (and your contractors) when it’s time for renewals.

Try LinkSafe free for 90 days

There’s absolutely no risk in trying LinkSafe, but there is certainly a risk in not using contractor compliance software at all.  The generous time limit of the free trial is very rare in business software, and it’s definitely a good idea to take advantage of the offer. It’s way better than tracking your compliance data on a calendar.

Which is the best contractor management software in Australia? 

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If you’re running a business in Australia, you already know the value of using software that’s made in Australia, by Australians, for Australian conditions. It’s easier for your staff to operate because of things like using the correct date format for our country and having Australian industrial laws as the basis from which it is designed.

Right now there’s only one industry-leading title in Australian contractor compliance and management software, and that’s LinkSafe. Other software has attempted to wrest away the crown, but none has succeeded because LinkSafe has too many features and does the job so perfectly.

Better by design

Every aspect of the LinkSafe software has been designed to meet the specific purpose. That means there’s more of the good things and none of the useless things. A brief list of the major features includes:

  • Simple user interface that is easy to use
  • Data is stored in secure cloud storage – write once, read anywhere on any device
  • Tracks compliance data automatically
  • Notifies you and the contractor when any issue arises in relation to contractor compliance
  • Comprehensive dashboard display with all the most important data and statistics right at your fingertips
  • Seamless integration with all LinkSafe modules so you can handle all your business compliance and project management requirements:

Automated notification system

One of the most powerful and useful features of this system is that it automatically keeps track of all matters related to compliance (licensing, permits, training, inductions, and more).

When anything needs to be renewed or if there is any problem detected, the software sends you an alert by SMS, email, desktop notification, or all three. It can also notify your contractors for you as well.

You can probably already see why this feature is so good. By automating the process, including managing contact notifications, LinkSafe cuts your administrative overhead, leaving you with more time to focus on productive tasks.

You will no longer have to look up the mandatory requirements, manually check the status of your contractors’ various licenses and training statuses, or waste valuable time contacting each contractor that has a compliance issue. All these things take a huge amount of time when they have to be done manually.

This is possible because the system is already loaded with training and licensing rules relevant to Australian industry. When any conditions change, it can be instantly updated with the new rules.

Making sure your contractors have valid licensing, permits, training and inductions is essential because if you don’t check these things you can be partially or even fully liable for accidents or other problems that occur during the contracted work.

When a contractor is properly licensed and trained for the job, they would have to justify any mistakes they make. But if they’re not properly licensed and trained, and you didn’t check, you’ll inherit more of the responsibility, because you have a legal duty to check these compliance matters.

LinkSafe makes it easy and efficient to ensure there’s no problems with compliance for your contractors, and that helps keep your business (and your contractors and clients) safe.

90 day free trial

Not every software developer has enough faith in their products to offer a generous free trial with no restrictions on functionality.

When you request a demo copy of LinkSafe, however, you’ll get the fully working system with no restrictions at all, yours to try free for 90 days.

That’s good because it means you can try it without risk, while you see for yourself how it helps your business reduce compliance risks.

Every Business Requires Job Management Software

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Making sure your personnel are properly licensed, inducted, trained, and ready for work is an essential responsibility for every business manager.

LinkSafe is a software platform that lets you manage every aspect of these issues over a work site, or even a group of sites, so you can always be sure that you and your contractors are meeting compliance obligations.

Covers all the bases

Unlike many other personnel management solutions, LinkSafe is designed as an all-in-one management platform where you can:

  • Manage, track, and renew employee induction obligations
  • Assign, monitor, and report on hazard management situations
  • Easily create and manage incident reports
  • Manage multiple sites simultaneously and remotely
  • Track and manage visitor access, including compliance factors
  • Manage contractors, including automatic reminders sent to the contractor when a compliance issue is detected.

Simple to set up and use

Getting started with LinkSafe is a breeze. If you can fill in a simple web form, you already have all the required skills to be a LinkSafe expert. Once you’ve configured the system the way you want and set up some user accounts with appropriate access limits according to role, you’ll barely need to lift a finger after that. The software does most of the work for you. We automated as much as possible, so you can put your time to more valuable uses.

Totally secure technology

LinkSafe was designed with security in mind. We use multiple levels of security to protect your data. This is why we are trusted by many government organizations in Australia, and big brand companies like Mantra, Honeywell, and Simonds to keep their data safe.

The first level of safety is in our network infrastructure. We use a server cluster to provide a more efficient and reliable hardware platform. When a cluster is used, multiple servers are combined to act as a single server. There are many benefits from this, including increased processing power and increased memory. This results in faster connections and quicker I/O activity.

In addition to the above, we also use hot-swappable SSD devices in RAID-10 configuration, which is the ideal configuration for optimal performance and safety. Plus, of course, we also perform constant backups and store backups remotely.

All data is stored on encrypted disks using the strongest available encryption. Inbound and outbound connections are performed over hardened TLS to help prevent problems such as MITM attacks.

Spares you from menial tasks through clever automation

If you’ve used other job management software in the past, you’ve probably spent countless hours inputting data, searching through records to check if they need updating, and calling contractors to confirm or update their details.

When you use LinkSafe, you won’t have to do those tasks manually any more. The system can do all this and a lot more, and it will do it all in the background, even while you’re sleeping.

LinkSafe constantly scans your records for compliance issues. When it detects a potential issue – and most importantly, this takes place before the issue occurs – it can notify you via phone, email, or desktop notification. It will also automatically contact your contractor for you and notify them as well.

Try it now with no risk

LinkSafe is available with an unrestricted free trial so you can put it through its paces and really see what it can do. You’ll be amazed how easy it is to use and how powerful it is. You’ll love how much time and effort the system saves you. And you’ll also have the peace of mind that comes from knowing you have a 90 day money back guarantee after you decide to purchase LinkSafe, just in case for any reason you stop loving it.

That’s never happened yet, but there’s a first time for everything, and we won’t be upset if you decide LinkSafe is not for you. We’ll happily refund every cent if you find LinkSafe doesn’t measure up to your expectations.

LinkSafe has solutions to help

LinkSafe is the premier service for site management solutions. Every business needs site management software, including yours. LinkSafe happens to be the best job management software on the market. Find out more by contacting LinkSafe on 1300 558 102, or use our contact form to leave a message.

The Ease of Mobile Inductions

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Stay updated on induction compliance from anywhere!

The world of business has changed. Most people don’t spend all their work time in an office any more, and for the busy executive on the go, the applications they use should be on the go, too.

If managing induction compliance (and other contractor compliance issues) is a task you are responsible for, the LinkSafe software platform lets you take care of business from anywhere.

Secure cloud technology

Any software designed for mobile access needs to be built with security and speed in mind. LinkSafe protects your data with the strongest encryption available, and our fast server cluster delivers data at super speed.

Designed for simplicity

When you use LinkSafe for induction compliance, you don’t need to worry about the learning curve because there isn’t one. The skills you already use every day when you fill in forms on the Internet are all you’re going to need in order to achieve mastery over this easy to use system.

Just because it’s simple doesn’t mean it’s limited. This is a powerful, fully functional compliance management system.

Smart features that cut your workload

One of the things about LinkSafe that makes it better than typical compliance software, and also makes it so simple to use, is that it does most of the heavy lifting for you.

Instead of you needing to spend hours searching through records for compliance issues, or develop complex SQL queries to extract data, LinkSafe does this for you automatically, 24 hours per day.

It never stops scanning for matters that need your attention, and when it finds something, it will notify you. You can request notifications by desktop alerts, email, phone messages, or a combination of all three.

Now, you might be thinking that when a compliance issue is detected, you’ll need to contact each individual contractor that has been flagged by the system to let them know about their compliance obligations or to get them to update their details, but in fact, you won’t need to. LinkSafe can do this for you, too.

You’ll save so much time and effort, and you’ll be able to make more productive use of the time you would normally spend doing those menial tasks.

Provides powerful insights

When you log in to your LinkSafe dashboard, you’ll notice right away how clever and intuitive the interface is.

You’ll be able to access all kinds of data related to your compliance management, and you’ll be able to display it in meaningful ways. Data can be used to generate reports from directly within the software, and you can also export it to other formats so you can use it in external software.

LinkSafe has everything you need for managing and understanding the compliance issues affecting your company.

No risk free trial

When you’re ready to give LinkSafe a try, you have the opportunity to do that for free with a fully enabled, unrestricted version of the software. If you’re not totally convinced it’s the perfect solution for managing your compliance issues, simply cancel the service with no further obligation.

We are sure you are going to love the ease of mobile inductions, and the many benefits of our easy to use and highly automated software. Since you have nothing to lose, contact us now and get your free LinkSafe trial. See for yourself how easy, powerful and feature-rich this software is.

LinkSafe has solutions to help

LinkSafe is the premier service for site management solutions, including software required for managing induction compliance. Find out more by contacting LinkSafe on 1300 558 102, or use our contact form to leave a message.



Driver induction and how easy it can be

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If your business regularly outsources driving work to independent contractors, it’s important to make sure your driving contractors have completed their induction training.

LinkSafe is a powerful and clever technology platform that automates contractor compliance so you can stay focused on other important business tasks. When we say it’s easy, that’s really an understatement. It’s so easy that there’s almost nothing you need to do.

Cloud based technology for universal access

LinkSafe is designed to be accessed from any device that can run a web browser – smartphones, tablets, and computers – and can be accessed from almost anywhere in the world. Not only can it be accessed with these different kinds of devices, but it can also communicate with them. And as you’re about to find out, that’s a very powerful feature indeed.

So easy you can make the contractors do all the work

The only thing you’ll need to do is create a limited access user account for your contractor, and let them enter their data themselves.

Simply create the user account and provide the system with an email address or mobile number for the contractor. The software will contact them automatically and prompt them to input the necessary data.

Automatically keep track of inductions and other compliances

Your inductions can be completed entirely online, or if you’re using a more traditional induction process, QR code logging to record the contractor’s completion of the induction. In either case, the LinkSafe system will store the time and date the induction was completed. From that point on, the system will notify you and/or the contractor whenever it’s necessary for them to refresh their induction.

Data is stored and transmitted securely

We take security seriously. Our clients include some very high profile companies and government organizations – AFL, VicRoads, State Transit NSW, Serco, and Amcor, to name just a few – and they’re not going to trust just anyone to handle their data.

Our state of the art data storage facility uses the strongest available encryption methods to protect sensitive data, and all inbound and outbound transmissions take place over hardened TLS connections.

Secure Cloud-Based Platforms using IBM Cloud with Data Centres in Melbourne and Sydney

We’ll give you a free trial of LinkSafe so you can evaluate for yourself how well it meets your compliance tracking needs. It’s a full featured system, with no restrictions, so you’ll be able to test everything fully.

If you’re not really satisfied with the performance of the system at the end of the trial period, you can walk away with no further obligation. Not only that, but everyone who purchases LinkSafe has a 90 day money back guarantee.

LinkSafe has solutions to help

LinkSafe is the premier service for site management solutions. We are keen to show you how you can use LinkSafe for driver induction and how easy it can be. Find out more by contacting LinkSafe on 1300 558 102, or use our contact form to leave a message.

End Compliance Headaches

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LinkSafe makes online training portal software easy!

Managing personnel in the contemporary business environment is a complex and demanding task. There are many more things that need to be tracked nowadays compared to how things were in the past, and there is a much greater use of labour outsourcing. How do you keep track of compliance for training, licensing, and inductions? If you’re a LinkSafe customer, all this is very simple.

A system designed to cut your administrative workload

LinkSafe puts all your main compliance management data in one place to make it simple to locate any information you need, make updates as required, generate reports, and even export your data to external applications.

Many of the most common tasks are automated. The smart features of the system identify potential compliance issues before they happen and can notify you about anything that needs attention. Depending on your settings, you could receive a desktop notification, an email notification, a message on your phone, or all three at once.

You won’t need to waste your precious time getting in touch with the contractors, either, because LinkSafe can also do that automatically. It is the most hands-off compliance management system ever developed.

No special skills required

The great thing about LinkSafe is that it’s designed for simplicity. You have full control over the system, but you won’t need to be a technical expert to operate it. If you can enter data in a simple web form, you already have all the skills you would need in order to use the LinkSafe software.

This software reduces the time you need to spend on tedious administrative tasks by doing most of the work for you. You won’t need to search through the records looking for compliance problems because the software will do that for you. Plus, because it’s a smart system, it’s always a step ahead.

LinkSafe makes online training portal software easy to work with, and the software does its job perfectly every time. This helps save your business from non-compliance issues and allows you to use your time more productively.

Trusted by leading Australian and international companies

When you choose LinkSafe as your compliance management software solution, you are in good company. The LinkSafe system is being used by many large organizations in the public and private sector.  This includes clients such as:

  • Honeywell
  • John Holland
  • Officeworks
  • Serco
  • Mantra Hotels
  • Metricon
  • and many more

But you don’t need to be in that league to make use of the features of LinkSafe. This software is suited to SMEs just as well as it is to larger organizations. You will find it especially helpful if you outsource tasks to external contractors or regularly hire short term casual labour.

Access your service from anywhere

LinkSafe uses secure cloud-based data storage and a TLS secured web interface, so you can access the system from any device that can connect to the Internet and run a modern web browser. That includes smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers.

Our cloud storage is held on secure servers in a high tech data centre with multiple levels of redundancy to ensure your data is always available and properly secured. We use the strongest encryption methods available to secure the data.

We can confidently say that storing your data with us is safer by orders of magnitude compared with storing it in your own office, and because it’s on the cloud, you’ll be able to access it from anywhere in the world.

Try LinkSafe without risk

Just in case you’re not fully convinced LinkSafe is the answer to ending compliance headaches for your business, you can take it for a free test drive. If at the end of your free trial period you’re not totally satisfied with the performance of the LinkSafe software, you can cancel the service and you’ll have no further obligation.

By the way, this free trial has no restrictions. You’ll have full access to every feature. What you see is exactly what you get, and if you decide to continue using the service after the free trial ends, you won’t have to reconfigure anything. It will continue working just the same as before.

LinkSafe has solutions to help

LinkSafe is the premier service for site management solutions, including software required for managing training and induction compliance. Find out more by contacting LinkSafe on 1300 558 102, or use our contact form to leave a message.

Alternatively, use this sub-heading as the main heading, and drop the punctuation. This is not recommended because it is less human-friendly and the phrase itself is grammatically incorrect / doesn’t really make any sense.

Contractor Compliance Management

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As an employer of contractors, you have a legal duty to ensure all those contractors are able to operate safely and well so that risks are minimised and everyone is protected.

Aside from that, you also need to be assured that all contractors are competent so that work standards and productivity are maintained at the required level.

To ensure all this happens, you will:

  • assess contractors’ competence, qualifications, experience and documentation before taking them on so you know they operate legally and are able to do what you require of them
  • conduct a site or task-specific induction before contractors start work so they know what is required of them at the outset, are aware of health and safety rules and procedures, and are fully informed of all the relevant facts relative to the site, job and company generally.

This means you start off on the right footing and are fully confident that all legal requirements have been met and that the contractors will do what you need of them safely and well.

After that, of course, things may change and you need to be sure that you and your contractors are kept completely up-to-date. That requires comprehensive contractor compliance management so that you are fully aware of the current situation and any changes that occur.

Why On-going Contractor Compliance Management is Necessary

It’s all well and good finding out and recording details about contractors at the outset but that doesn’t mean your compliance work is done. It is an ongoing process to ensure that they maintain the standards you expect and comply with all legal and safety requirements.

You need to know that contractors:

  • remain fully complaint, including having the necessary accreditations and insurance cover that are still current and not expired
  • continue to perform effectively and adhere to safety rules
  • complete jobs on time and within budget; you don’t want schedules to be slipping and you certainly don’t want to be paying for jobs that haven’t been finished.

Whilst paper-based records or spreadsheets were at one time adequate to record and manage contractor compliance, that’s no longer the case. With the growing use of contractors and the evermore complex nature of the regulatory framework, you need something that’s able to capture data easily and report relevant information in a timely manner.

The Need for an Effective Contractor Compliance Management System

A sophisticated and comprehensive contractor management system, such as the one we provide at LinkSafe, will put you in control of compliance and other aspects. Using it, you can:

  • record pre-qualification and other details for new contractors
  • incorporate an induction checklist that records all initial details gathered through the induction process
  • know when accreditations, licences, insurance policies and anything else expires so you can check for renewals in advance and avoid using defaulting contractors
  • have live updates from site records so you can see the progress made on tasks and projects
  • record details in a consistent format and be able to easily interpret and report on that information
  • monitor contractor performance so you know those that are operating unsatisfactorily and can take the necessary action.

An effective management system will put you fully in control of contractor compliance and performance.

Using it, you will comply fully with legislation, have increasing levels of site safety, be more credible when tendering for new work, reduce the risk of tax audits, have greater control of budgets and finances, improve profitability and have the necessary documentation to prove you’re doing everything correctly.

And with the right support from the company that provides the system, you’ll be able to gain maximum benefits.

Chain of Responsibility Training

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There has been long-established the principle of ‘duty of care’ and this has formed the basis of Occupational Health and Safety legislation in the workplace for many years. More recently, the Heavy Vehicle National Law has extended this principle to transport law under its Chain of Responsibility legislation.

The effect of this is that, if road laws are breached, it is no longer just the driver or owner of a commercial vehicle who may be considered liable. There is now shared responsibility and so this liability can extend to anyone who is involved in the despatch of goods on that vehicle, from the consignor who sends the goods through to the consignee who receives them and anyone in between who has any role in the transportation.

Such people include the owner and driver, those packing and loading the goods, the scheduler of the consignment, the unloader and all their managers.

Everyone who has any control or influence over a transport task has a responsibility to ensure that it is undertaken properly and safely. If not, those deemed responsible for breaches of the law are liable to sanctions that range from formal warnings to fines and penalties for any commercial benefit that arose from the breach.

Persistent or systematic offences can even lead to those individuals responsible being prevented from working in the transport industry.

The Need for Chain of Responsibility Training

Chain of responsibility is now so wide-ranging and the penalties so severe that it is in the interests of all affected persons and businesses to undergo the appropriate training. This is not just restricted to the transport industry but to all those who are affected by it — which is, really, just about every business.

Since many parties can be considered responsible for offences that are committed during heavy goods vehicle operations, the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator has advised that they should all take reasonable steps to ensure offences don’t occur. These include:

  • identifying all parties involved in the supply chain and assessing their responsibilities
  • ensuring drivers have sufficient rest periods and don’t exceed allowed driving hours as well as developing systems to manage fatigue
  • keeping vehicles regularly serviced and in good order
  • working with partners to eliminate risk and ensuring they all understand the necessary compliance and assurance conditions
  • establishing safe packing, loading and unloading procedures so that loads are secure and ensuring they are adhered to at all times
  • checking that vehicles are not overweight and are not driven at excessive speed
  • questioning any requests that may cause breaches of the law and ensuring they are altered so that they comply.

Chain of Responsibility Training that Stays Relevant

Legal responsibility can apply to any actions, inactions and demands so it’s not just what you do, it’s also what you ask others to do and what you fail to do. That extends to reporting any Chain of Responsibility issues and taking actions that can include stopping an activity, reviewing and assessing the risk, making changes to operate safely and creating systems to ensure future breaches don’t occur.

Records need to be kept to prove that issues have been dealt with and action taken to prevent a reoccurrence. Only by doing things properly can you guard against possible action under Chain of Responsibility legislation.

Like most legislation, Chain of Responsibility changes periodically and so you need to keep up-to-date to avoid inadvertent breaches. Regular training and updates can ensure this and make you fully aware of your responsibilities so you don’t fall foul of the law.