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Contactless Visitor Management Software

Now your site visitors will never end up in the wrong place

Automate your visitors’ check-in:

Your visitors now simply select their contact from a list on a tablet and alert you to their arrival (no manual reception).

Ensure every visit is safe and prompt:

Use the app to display specific safety inductions for your site, so your visitors accept and sign before entering.

Remotely monitor every site visit detail:

Monitor and record who’s visiting where from head office — down to the exact entry point to your work site!

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Efficient & Contactless Visitor Management

Visitor management has traditionally been achieved by visitors signing in and out to a visitors’ book held in a reception area. That method is now increasingly outmoded and has also become an unsafe option with the need for the avoidance of close contact that can lead to contamination.

The modern alternative is to use a contactless visitor management system that enables visitors to sign in and out easily and quickly to complete online inductions without the need to touch surfaces that may be a virus source. Although this is made more relevant by the current pandemic threat, it is also much more efficient and professional than old-style methods.

The Benefits Of Using Our Contactless Visitor Management Software

Modernising a system isn’t always necessarily an improvement but scrapping your old manual reception methods and replacing them with our contactless visitor sign-in software certainly is. Using our system, you can:

  • get rid of your outdated pen and paper manual system that gives limited control of visitors
  • obtain much more information about visitors so you know exactly who is on-site and where they are
  • provide a greater level of site security by only allowing admittance to visitors, contractors and employees who are authorised to enter
  • make the sign-in process much quicker and easier for all attendees
  • present a much more professional impression of your company
  • keep everyone safer by reducing the amount of direct contact and so limiting the risk of infection
  • conforming to government guidelines in terms of safeguarding, social distancing and contact tracing.

How Contactless Visitor Management System Can Work For You

Using our contactless guest sign in software, you can easily and quickly create procedures that:

  • are customised for specific sites and types of visitor
  • are personalised for your company with logo and other details
  • collect all necessary visitor data and provide specific information such as site safety rules and non-disclosure agreements
  • are easy to follow for all visitors with concise instructions and a logical progression.

Each contactless visitor sign-in is controlled by a supplied QR code that is different for each site and can be changed frequently to prevent misuse. The code is displayed on a screen or printed notice within the reception area and is scanned by the camera of a visitor’s mobile device (smartphone or tablet) — there is no need to download an app or have any special hardware and, for remote sites, in particular, the reception area can be totally unstaffed.

Visitors are requested to enter their details and are provided with necessary site information, all on their own device without needing to touch anything else. All details they provide are logged and checked to ensure only authorised visitors are allowed on site and that all contractors have completed the appropriate contactless induction process correctly. You will also be aware of who is on-site at all times and where they are so that contact tracing protocols are followed, and emergency situations can be dealt with quickly and effectively.

Contactless visitor management provides a modern and efficient way to greet your visitors, improves site security, ensures compliance with current legislation, and doesn’t expose your visitors to unnecessary risk. Enquire today for a better experience all round. Include Contact Tracing in body of text.

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Monitor every visit to your company’s sites online

LinkSafe’s Contactless Visitor Management system means you can now monitor who’s visiting your work sites faster and more efficiently than ever.

This free-to-download app (available on both iOS and Android) eliminates the need for a manual reception facility.


You visitor arrives at your site. They select the relevant contact from a list on a tablet at the entrance. The system then sends an email or SMS to that person to alert them of the visitor’s arrival.

Any safety inductions you require your visitor to complete happen in the app and the exact time and details of their visit go into a secure central database.

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Forget manual inductions and visitor passes

Our Contactless Visitor Management Software gives you a formalised online method for capturing everything you need to safely and efficiently bring visitors to your work sites.

Set up as many contactless visitor sign-in points as you need. No matter where your visitor logs in, their contact will receive specific details of their location to ensure they can’t get lost in a hazardous area.

Either iOS or Android devices will work with our Visitor Management tool. That means your visitor, their contact and your head office can conveniently view and manage the visit.

Ensure complete compliance and safety by delivering safety prompts and gathering photo IDs and signatures. The tool automatically prepares a wearable visitor pass!

LinkSafe is your Visitor Management partner
(no call centres)

LinkSafe exists to help your business become more efficient, across the board. We know how much time you can spend inducting personnel the old way. You know, manually checking spreadsheets and entering data. We’re here to partner with your business and help you automate all that work you’ve been spending hours on.

Owned and operated here in Australia, we have a team of specialist consultants to help you customise and implement software that will save your business time and money. And ensure you remain up to date with all your Visitor Management tasks and processes.

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The LinkSafe team provides exceptional service. I couldn’t fault them – they deliver

Richard DovisonCorporate Services Director, Landmark

We don’t have to worry about staff and contractor inductions or training – it’s all online, so easy, so quick. We have thousands of contractors and staff that have been inducted and trained thanks to LinkSafe and we’ve saved so much time and money.
The team really understands our business. Always available, helpful and responsive. They are proactive too, making updates and providing suggestions for improvements.

Jo LombardiNational Health, Safety & Environment Manager for GrainCorp Foods

Right from our first interactions, LinkSafe have been fantastic to deal with, always responsive and proactive
From an admin perspective the system is simple to manage.
It reduces the manual nature of the process, removes the requirement for field staff to perform inductions and enables contractors to complete inductions prior to attending site.

Peter KessonSafety, Health & Well-being Coordinator for Goulburn Valley Water

The system was rolled out with a minimum of issues and has continued along the same line. I have had feedback from users that this system is one of the best software packages which GVW have rolled out.

Peter KessonSafety, Health & Well-being Coordinator for Goulburn Valley Water

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