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Contractor compliance management is important in the execution of business projects, and requires proper implementation and oversight to ensure it is effective.

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Bring Your Personnel and Site Management into The Modern Age

If your business is still using spreadsheets and email chains to track things like contractors, inductions and incident reports.

Then you’ve just unlocked a way to leave all that behind and save countless hours — plus untold amounts of money — by digitising and automating those processes.

LinkSafe’s suite of bespoke and fully customisable tools allows you to create a centralised online system that’s cleaner, faster and simpler than you might think possible.
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LinkSafe – Contractor Management Solutions Australia

LinkSafe is a developer and supplier of contractor management solutions in Australia. Our contractor compliance software provides the framework required to implement a quality system of contractor management.

Due to the globalised nature of the modern business world, contractors may be dispersed over several geographic regions, and keeping track of compliance factors can be a demanding task.

The online contractor management systems developed by LinkSafe are the easiest and most effective way for Australian businesses to handle the complexity of contractor compliance.

Much more than just monitoring of induction training

Some contractor management and compliance services limit the extent of what they provide to merely offering induction training and maintaining a list of who has attended the training.

LinkSafe provides a much more comprehensive management service than that. It’s a key point that not every contractor management system is equal. We’re doing a lot more than just providing the contractor management software.

We keep track of progress through various training stages, monitor induction status, remind contractors of their induction renewal obligations, and can even issue ID cards which can be used to verify that an individual’s site induction status is up to date.

Our search and reporting tools make it a simple process to verify any induction and training information for any contractor or group of contractors.

Of course access control is also an important function of contractor compliance management, and our software helps make sure that only those contractors who should be on the worksite are able to be there. This, of course, does require your security staff to actually enforce the security policy at the site.

Budget-friendly pricing

Our systems are designed for organisation-level licensing, which makes using LinkSafe as your service provider a sensible choice, especially if you’re operating multiple sites with many employees.

Many other services have a per head license fee structure, which creates administrative, legal, and financial burdens for business operators. We use a simpler pricing structure to make it far easier for our clients to manage.

The many ways contractor compliance software can help

Managing contractors correctly will bring many benefits to your work sites, and that is why contractor compliance software is a powerful business tool. Some of the improvements you will notice include:

  • Better asset and inventory security
  • Improved site access control
  • Easy evaluation of licenses and credentials
  • Monitor training progress and effectiveness
  • Simplifies reporting and planning

There can be other advantages as well, which can vary by individual work sites and locations. To find out more about how these systems can benefit you, talk to a LinkSafe representative today.

Protect your business

Managing contractor compliance helps minimize risk. The more geographic regions your business spans across, the more important it is to ensure you have rock solid contractor compliance management in place.

When you reduce the complexity and administrative overhead associated with contractor compliance, it strengthens your relationships with contractors, giving you smoother operations looking forward.

When the compliance requirements cause interruptions to work flow or inconvenience the contractors, it will have the opposite effect. Weak contractor relationships are vulnerabilities for the business in many ways, and you can’t afford to have these vulnerabilities present.

Take control of contractor management with LinkSafe contractor compliance software and avoid costly vulnerabilities. Preserve strong relationships with your contractors and keep your productivity flowing.

Good compliance management will allow you to maintain consistent compliance standards across different geographic sectors, work sites and even departments within a site. You need consistent standards to create a homogeneous organisation, while still maintaining the flexibility to cope with the unique demands of a particular location.

LinkSafe gives you options, allowing you to create strong compliance standards, without restricting the flexibility to introduce special conditions in the particular circumstances where they are required.

What makes LinkSafe the best choice

LinkSafe is an Australian company that understands the industrial needs of other Australian companies.

We know that there are local, state, and federal regulations that govern Australian industries, and we work with thousands of clients in a diverse range of industrial settings, so we have an in-depth knowledge of how to create the best solutions to meet the requirements of any Australian business or global business that maintains work sites in Australia.

Using our systems lets you:

  • Reduce risk through strong compliance standards
  • Create better safety outcomes
  • More easily control site access
  • Improve workplace efficiency
  • Implement best workplace practices
  • Ensure contractors and employees are site ready
  • Improve workplace safety
  • Develop effective contractor management plans
  • Generate reports to assist in a range of business evaluation tasks
  • These systems have been professionally developed over a very long time, providing robust solutions that continue to perform today.

Australia’s Best Contractor Compliance Management Systems

Our reliable online systems are available 24/7 and are protected by multiple layers of security and network redundancy. We use hardened TLS and IPSEC security to encrypt and protect data while it is in transit, and we take proactive measures in maintaining a highly secure hardware and software environment.

In plain English, this simply means you can trust us to protect your information and keep it safe. Only those who should have access to data will be able to access it, and our systems are protected against all known security vulnerabilities, so you can have total peace of mind.

We have also worked hard to ensure our systems are cost effective. By providing our services under an online business model, we are able to eliminate distribution costs.

It also means our clients don’t need to expend the resources of their valuable IT staff on deploying installed software, along with all the inherent security risks and other problems that this would introduce.

LinkSafe has developed systems that are secure, reliable, efficient, easy to use, and totally suited to Australian workplaces. We can confidently say that you can depend on LinkSafe to provide quality solutions meeting the needs of your business, whatever kind of business you happen to be in.

Do You Need Contractor Management Software?

Keeping track of contractor compliance in a business that makes frequent use of contractors can be difficult.

At LinkSafe, our contractor management software enables you to properly organise your contractors in a way that ensures their compliance with all of your company’s policies and procedures. Our contractor management system doesn’t just provide the basics of induction training – it brings you a fully comprehensive system that is tailored specifically for your business.

Ensuring that your contractors are aware of company procedure and have the knowledge to successfully work within your environment is important. The contractors still represent your company and should be as knowledgeable as your regular staff.

Our contract management software helps you keep track of your contactor training at all levels and is fully customisable, so you can be sure you’re getting the right system for your particular business.

The contractor management system will remind contractors of their renewal obligations to your company and can even issue ID cards. Our search and reporting tools are also simple to use and can help you verify your contractor training and evaluate the licences and credentials of your contractors.

Convenient and Affordable Contractor Management Systems

By handling contractor compliance online, you’ll be making life much easier on yourself. Our contractor management system can be accessed 24/7 from anywhere in Australia, so all the information you need is always at your fingertips.

Furthermore, when you buy contractor training services with us, we don’t just sell you a generic product. We’ll work with you to create a system that is perfectly suited to the needs of your particular business and your contractors. And as part of our customisable service, we offer to tailor your contractor management system so that it is job role specific – so each contractor receives training that is directly relevant to their particular job and the tasks they perform.

When you have a lot of contractors working with your business, it is easy to find yourself losing control of everything that happens under your name.

We’re The Contractor Compliance Ecperts!

But with an intuitive and responsive online contractor management system, you can make sure that everyone that works on behalf of your company is 100% on the same page when it comes to standards and procedures.

So if you’re looking for a way to manage your contractors and ensure they’re fully up to date with the latest training, health and safety legislation and company procedures and policies, LinkSafe offers a fully customisable contractor management system that can take the headache out of hiring contractors.

Contact a member of our friendly and professional team today to find out more about how we can help you manage your contractors, and before long you’ll be reaping the rewards of your investment.

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LinkSafe is Australia’s leader in online induction software and online staff training software. We specialise in online training software & employment induction training for aged care, construction, volunteers, transport, retail, venue staff, emergency personnel and contractors to maximise workplace staff safety. Learn more about our compliance management software and online training software today.

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The Tools: Exactly Where LinkSafe Speeds Your Work Up

Our six applications are easy to use and fully customisable. You pay a one-off setup fee and a modest annual hosting fee (there are no per-head charges).

Contractor Management

Add, manage and prompt your contractors on your computer, tablet or phone.

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Induction Management

Ensure everyone in your business is inducted and compliant using a simple online platform (no more time consuming face-to-face inductions!)

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Hazard Management

Record, assign, monitor and report on hazards in your business.

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Incident Management

Enable your staff to upload photos and documents, and build comprehensive incident reports

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Site Management

Gain full visibility across multiple worksites and ensure compliance without physically being there.

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Visitor Management

Bring guests to your company’s sites with minimum disruption and complete safety through a simple tablet-based app at the entrance.

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