Contractor Management in the Digital Age

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Contractor management is a legal obligation. Contractors have requirements and so do the companies that employ them. In the digital age, there is particular importance in getting things right. Ensuring information is correct when managing your contractors is vital as one tiny mistake can lose you time and money.

Manual tracking can produce errors, especially on big jobs and jobs where any part of the process is rushed or low on time to be completed. This is why using an advanced digital system—advanced because it simplifies tasks while ensuring safety, security, and a high level of accuracy—is recommended by LinkSafe. Digital management systems are beneficial to your business in several ways.

Efficient Time Management

Any job involves a lot of moving parts, with a lot of work that needs to be done and all too often not enough time to do it in. Organising contractors has to be done efficiently, and with as little time spent chasing up loose ends as possible. Paper management can often result in lost time chasing down documents, figuring out who to contact, and ensuring time on the job is recorded.

Digital management systems integrate all of this, smoothly displaying needed data when required, and allowing for easy manipulation of work orders and contractor requirements. This means time spent managing contractors massively decreases.


Getting new contractors and new employees up to date with a job’s procedures, and training them in the necessary systems, can take a lot of time and effort. Digital management systems allow for custom training modules to be created that can be completed online. Every new worker who starts a job simply completes the online training beforehand and arrives ready to work and prequalified.

Any extra needs can be addressed smoothly on an individual basis, and industry certifications can be tracked as well.

Compliance and Legal Requirements

Most industries require standards to be met for legal reasons, and many different levels of government have their own rules and regulations. Ensuring every individual contractor is aware of the requirements of their job, and also ensuring they follow those requirements, can be a nightmare.

Digital management not only allows you to quickly and easily see what requirements need to be met, and to track those that already have, it also puts the responsibility to meet these requirements into the contractor’s hands. With the digital management software walking them through requirements on an as-needed and on the job basis, everything is up to code as soon as it is done.

Data Accuracy

Data accuracy is important not just in ensuring your business records can be referred to and relied on for work purposes, but also to meet your legal obligations. Inaccurate data can cause many problems in the workplace. From placing a supply order for the wrong quantity to underpaying or overpaying employees to reporting the wrong financial information at tax time, what may seem like a small error when it happens can quickly escalate and lose your company money and time. Ensuring data is accurate cannot be highly enough recommended. Using a digital management system can make this much easier and more efficient.

Digital management software turns tracking all the small but vital details of contractor management from a time-consuming nightmare into a smooth and powerful tool. The system ensures that legal obligations are met, data is accurately recorded and kept, and communication between you and contractors is kept up to date in case of any last minute changes. LinkSafe offers the solution to any and all contractor management problems with powerful software to suit all businesses.


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