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28 June 2023

Guest Presenter: Melissa Pollock
Improving safety is all about learning. Learning from both mistakes and successes. Organisations can spend a lot of time looking at safety and learning from those successes and failures with workers. However, do we involve our contractors? Contractors make up approximately 10% of workers in total and in the construction industry over 50% of workers are contractors.

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24 May 2023

Many organisations struggle to find a healthy balance when a contractor has an incident.  Who conducts the investigation?  What are the responsibilities of the principal contractor or client?  What are the responsibilities of the contractor?  Will everyone tell us the truth?  How contractor investigations are handled can significantly impact client/contractor relations, impact safety, increase liability and prevent continuous improvement of safety.

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Person standing at LinkSafe information booth
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26 May 2022

Presenting at a two day event at Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre

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