Every Business Requires Job Management Software

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Making sure your personnel are properly licensed, inducted, trained, and ready for work is an essential responsibility for every business manager.

LinkSafe is a Job Management Software that lets you manage every aspect of these issues over a work site, or even a group of sites, so you can always be sure that you and your contractors are meeting compliance obligations.

Covers all the bases

Unlike many other personnel management solutions, LinkSafe is designed as an all-in-one management platform where you can:

  • Manage, track, and renew employee induction obligations
  • Assign, monitor, and report on hazard management situations
  • Easily create and manage incident reports
  • Manage multiple sites simultaneously and remotely
  • Track and manage visitor access, including compliance factors
  • Manage contractors, including automatic reminders sent to the contractor when a compliance issue is detected.

Simple to set up and use

Getting started with LinkSafe is a breeze. If you can fill in a simple web form, you already have all the required skills to be a LinkSafe expert. Once you’ve configured the system the way you want and set up some user accounts with appropriate access limits according to role, you’ll barely need to lift a finger after that. The software does most of the work for you. We automated as much as possible, so you can put your time to more valuable uses.

Totally secure technology

LinkSafe was designed with security in mind. We use multiple levels of security to protect your data. This is why we are trusted by many government organizations in Australia, and big brand companies like Mantra, Honeywell, and Simonds to keep their data safe.

The first level of safety is in our network infrastructure. We use a server cluster to provide a more efficient and reliable hardware platform. When a cluster is used, multiple servers are combined to act as a single server. There are many benefits from this, including increased processing power and increased memory. This results in faster connections and quicker I/O activity.

In addition to the above, we also use hot-swappable SSD devices in RAID-10 configuration, which is the ideal configuration for optimal performance and safety. Plus, of course, we also perform constant backups and store backups remotely.

All data is stored on encrypted disks using the strongest available encryption. Inbound and outbound connections are performed over hardened TLS to help prevent problems such as MITM attacks.

Spares you from menial tasks through clever automation

If you’ve used other job management software in the past, you’ve probably spent countless hours inputting data, searching through records to check if they need updating, and calling contractors to confirm or update their details.

When you use LinkSafe, you won’t have to do those tasks manually any more. The system can do all this and a lot more, and it will do it all in the background, even while you’re sleeping.

LinkSafe constantly scans your records for compliance issues. When it detects a potential issue – and most importantly, this takes place before the issue occurs – it can notify you via phone, email, or desktop notification. It will also automatically contact your contractor for you and notify them as well.

Try it now with no risk

LinkSafe is available with an unrestricted free trial so you can put it through its paces and really see what it can do. You’ll be amazed how easy it is to use and how powerful it is. You’ll love how much time and effort the system saves you. And you’ll also have the peace of mind that comes from knowing you have a 90 day money back guarantee after you decide to purchase LinkSafe, just in case for any reason you stop loving it.

That’s never happened yet, but there’s a first time for everything, and we won’t be upset if you decide LinkSafe is not for you. We’ll happily refund every cent if you find LinkSafe doesn’t measure up to your expectations.

LinkSafe has solutions to help

LinkSafe is the premier service for site management solutions. Every business needs a job management software, including yours. LinkSafe happens to be the best job management software on the market. Find out more by contacting LinkSafe on 1300 558 102, or use our contact form to leave a message.


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