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About LinkSafe

Can you tell me who are your customers and what do they use?

Yes, we can show you examples from our large client database across a wide range of industries.

Can LinkSafe provide governance in the process so I can satisfy my leadership team or board?

With our system, the entire on-boarding process will automate the governance process for you with intuitive dashboard and reporting capability.

Are you an Australian company?

LinkSafe is proudly 100% Australian owned and operated.

Technical Questions

I need an automated system to manage all my contractors

Not an issue, our system is fully automated. It will automate reminder emails, making it simple to keep track of compliance without you needing to do the leg work.

I need to save time by giving my contractors an online induction

We completely understand as saving time and effort is our business. We can work with you to transfer your induction process to a completely online platform.

The more solutions implemented; the more time saved. If you have pictures, videos or ‘must read’ policies, we can cater for them in our induction builds.

I want contractors to be inducted before turning up to work

Consider it done. With LinkSafe, our system generates a request to automatically require inductions to be completed prior to on-site.

I need insurances, licenses and credentials automated to be collected and monitored for renewal

We hear you loud and clear. Yes, our system fully automates requests and monitoring for renewals.

I need to push the workload away from us to the system to manage

Not a problem, the LinkSafe system pushes the workload to the contractor to manage their own compliance.

I need to integrate into procurement & project management and asset management work order systems to ensure we don’t give W/O’s to non-compliant contractors

No problem. With our open API, LinkSafe can integrate into your other SaaS cloud-based software systems.

Is it online?

Yep, our system is cloud-based. We utilise Australian based servers with all data being kept on-shore.

Can it be used from a mobile phone?

Absolutely, our systems operate on all smart devices including PC, Mac, tablets, Android and iPhone. It’ll also resize and optimise for the operating system you’re using.

Where is the data stored?

All data is securely stored on IBM’s data cloud centre in Sydney, NSW and will never leave Australian shores.