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About LinkSafe

Can you tell me who are your customers and what do they use?

Yes, we can show you examples from our large client database across a wide range of industries.

Can LinkSafe provide governance in the process so I can satisfy my leadership team or board?

With our system, the entire on-boarding process will automate the governance process for you with intuitive dashboard and reporting capability.

Are you an Australian company?

LinkSafe is proudly 100% Australian owned and operated.

Who are the consultants working for LinkSafe Concierge?

We have a relationship with Safety Action, an Australian Based consultancy who utilise certified safety consultants.

Is there anything we need to provide?

No, our team will meet with you monthly to provide updates to the contractor management process and your engagement levels.  Your team will need to ensure that when individuals arrive on-site that their compliance status is checked via the LinkSafe solution.

How do the fees/charges work?

There are three ways we can cater for LinkSafe Concierge

  1. LinkSafe can either setup a payment gateway for the contractors to pay a fee, per annum
  2. LinkSafe can invoice your business monthly based on the number of contractors pre-qualified.
  3. LinkSafe can provide a fixed per annum fee for the pre-qualification of contractors.

LinkSafe Health Questions

How Do You Vet Your Pool Of Contractors?

We utilise certified safety consultants who will individually assess the risk, the type of work and liaise with the client to ensure they are compliant and acceptable to move through.

Can The Tablet Device Be Sanitised After Signing In?

Sure can, we have cases/covers that we can make available to facilitate this. Alternatively, you can use a contactless sign in solution via our QR code.

Is The Portal Easy For Contractors To Use?

Yes, everything has been designed with simplicity in mind, along with comprehensive user guides to help guide through the process.

Integration Partners Questions

How Can I Become An Integration Partner With LinkSafe?

Contact us! We’d love to hear from you!

Do I Have To Use Your Partners?

No, we have an open API which can integrate into a number of platforms so you’re not forced to use our partners. However, these are ones we’ve carefully selected a built a strong trusting relationship with.

Will Your Partners Integrate With My Current Systems?

We can certainly talk and have the discussions to see if we can provide a holistic eco-system!

Technical Questions

I need an automated system to manage all my contractors

Not an issue, our system is fully automated. It will automate reminder emails, making it simple to keep track of compliance without you needing to do the leg work.

I need to save time by giving my contractors an online induction

We completely understand as saving time and effort is our business. We can work with you to transfer your induction process to a completely online platform.

The more solutions implemented; the more time saved. If you have pictures, videos or ‘must read’ policies, we can cater for them in our induction builds.

I want contractors to be inducted before turning up to work

Consider it done. With LinkSafe, our system generates a request to automatically require inductions to be completed prior to on-site.

I need insurances, licenses and credentials automated to be collected and monitored for renewal

We hear you loud and clear. Yes, our system fully automates requests and monitoring for renewals.

I need to push the workload away from us to the system to manage

Not a problem, the LinkSafe system pushes the workload to the contractor to manage their own compliance.

I need to integrate into procurement & project management and asset management work order systems to ensure we don’t give W/O’s to non-compliant contractors

No problem. With our open API, LinkSafe can integrate into your other SaaS cloud-based software systems.

Is it online?

Yep, our system is cloud-based. We utilise Australian based servers with all data being kept on-shore.

Can it be used from a mobile phone?

Absolutely, our systems operate on all smart devices including PC, Mac, tablets, Android and iPhone. It’ll also resize and optimise for the operating system you’re using.

Where is the data stored?

All data is securely stored on IBM’s data cloud centre in Sydney, NSW and will never leave Australian shores.

Do I have to have other LinkSafe systems?

Whilst there are detailed integrations into the Contractor Management system, you can certainly use LinkSafe Forms by itself without any other LinkSafe solutions.

How many form templates can I have?

You can have as many as required, and they can be divided into groups for ease of use.

Can I submit photos and videos?

Absolutely. Photos and videos can be taken live or uploaded from the device whilst completing a form. Photos can also be annotated if required.

Contractor Management Questions

Does Contractor Management Software Help With Searching & Reporting?

Yes, essentially it allows you to build a database of contractors to be able to filter via trade types and compliance status. The solution will allow you to dig deeper to look at individuals, their induction status, and licence/credential details. It’s cloud-based, clear and easy to use, and search and reporting is all at your fingertips!

How Easy Is Your Contractor Management System To Implement?

We will guide you through the entire process! We’re not a ‘set and forget’ solution. We’ll work with you, provide you guidance, support and training. We’ll collate your information or help deliver you legally informed content by working with you closely. One certain thing is LinkSafe is all about relationships, we are always present and here to make sure you get the most out of your investment.

Will My Contractors Be Able To Use The Software As Well?

Yes, and the great thing is – IT IS EASY! No installs, complex workflows, just a nice and smooth solution which only requires basic skills to be able to navigate through.

Pricing Questions

Why Can’t You Show Me Prices Now?

We know prices are a big consideration when making a purchase decision. What we’ve found is there isn’t a ‘one size fits all’. Prices vary depending on your specific, unique requirements. Sit tight, though – once we have a strong understanding of what your processes are and what challenges you’re facing, we’ll tailor a package to suit your requirements.

Credential Management Questions

Does It Send Automatic Reminders To Those Who Haven’t Responded?

Yes, there are regular reminders that can be set to ensure the individual uploads their new licence/credential as it approaches expiry.

How Will I Know That All Stored Credentials Will Be Secure?

All information collated is subject to Australian privacy legislation. We also have state of the art data storage facilities here in Australia and comply to ISO27001. More information can be sought from us about this.

What File Types Does Your Credential Management Software Accept?

You can upload .jpg, .pdf, .bmp, png, doc, etc.

Site Management Questions

How Much Lead Time Is Involved Before It’s Up & Running?

Once we’ve collated all your information, we’ll take a matter of weeks before we deliver you a full ready-to-go draft to trial and launch!

Will It Integrate With My Existing Software?

Yes, we have an open API, we’d be more than happy to provide you with this which will allow you to integrate with other platforms.

Induction Management Questions

Is There A Limit To How Many Users Can Be Inducted?

No, and the great thing? We don’t charge a per head fee!

Will I Have Ongoing Support?

Yes, we’re big on support. It’s all about the relationships, and ensuring the successful implementation of your platform. We are here – we’ll always guide you and be here to support you!

Can You Supply Pre-Built Induction Templates?

We’re pretty fortunate to have some amazing consultants that we work with, along with a legal professional. We can build an induction for you, it won’t be a template because it needs to be bespoke for you, your business and your industry.

Visitor Management Questions

How Do Visitors Checkout Afterwards?

Well, there’s two ways! Either back through the app, or scanning the QR code.

What Happens If A Visitor Doesn’t Checkout?

We can set up a time duration auto-sign out, or a set time of the day auto-sign out which will allow you to confirm they’ve left site.

Can I Screen Visitors For COVID-19?

Yes, we can help here too! We are approved to resell Elenium HealthGate. It is a fever detection scanner that has TGA approval and listed on the ARTG (ARTG – 355032), meaning it is a Class IIa medical device. Combined with the LinkSafe platform, it forms a powerful solution to ensure compliance when arriving on-site coupled with accurate fever screening – giving you and your clients a level of confidence.

Incident & Hazard Reporting Questions

How Easy Is It For Individuals To Use The Software?

Easy, it just requires basic knowledge of how to click on a link and complete the questions asked!

Am I Able To Restrict Or Share Certain Data?

There are a number of login tiers, you can have a login to log an incident only, otherwise you can have a full login which will also give you access to the back-end to manage incidents through to completion.

Permit To Work Questions

Is A Permit To Work System A Legal Requirement?

Permits to work are required under legislation in respect of entry into a confined space under WHS and OHS legislation. They are also cited as a method of risk control in respect of working near robots.

A permit to work must be issued by a PCBU or employer at a workplace where a person is to enter a confined space. As always this is vague as to who should issue the permit in the contractor context.

However, if we think about it in terms of the right of an employer to engage and rely upon specialist contractors, whose work may include entry of a confined space it is my view that the employer with the obligation to issue a confined space permit is the contractor undertaking the work which involves entering a confined space.

Note: employers at a workplace that has confined spaces present must ensure all confined spaces are identified.

Can It Meet Our Needs As Our Organisation Grows?

The simple answer is yes, as the organisation grows so will our systems in their entirety. You can pre-invite contractors to submit their permit to work requirements and approve remotely. These items can continue to expand.

What Happens If A Contractor Hasn’t Entered In All Their Information?

A few ways here, one is you can make elements mandatory, or you can simply reject their permit and add the reasons why you’ve made such a decision.

Vaccine Management Questions

Is It Mandatory For My Company To Implement This?

The answer is no, however that’s not to say Government regulations or industry regulations may change. There is an interesting blog for you to consider on our website –

What Happens If A Vaccination Certificate Isn’t Approved?

If you reject the documentation, you can type the reasons why you’re rejecting. They will have an opportunity to resubmit.