The Importance of Visitor Management in Site Security

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Visitor management is an important part of site security for a number of reasons. Staying vigil when it comes to who visits a site can prevent damages and loss, such as may occur in the case of a visitor with malicious intent, as well as increase the safety of everyone on the site.

Dealing with visitors on site

Even the most well-meaning visitors can be a hazard to themselves and to others. Without the full training provided to employees, visitors may not know what and where is safe and how to approach various hazards that they may be presented with on site. They may also not be aware of the correct safety gear to wear and may need to be provided with a high vis vest, helmet, and other gear depending on which part or parts of the site they are attending and its current state.

Ensuring that visitors won’t be a danger to themselves and others and that they won’t violate OH&S, is vital to maintaining good site security. Visitor management software not only tells you who is visiting and from where, but it can automatically—without the need for manual reception—track visitors on site and ensure they have the training they need via online safety modules displayed in the free-to-download app (for both iOS and Android) that LinkSafe provides. It can also assist visitors so that they don’t get lost on a site.

The specific safety inductions the app provides are based on your site and can be signed by visitors before entry to the site. This not only reduces the potential for accidents by giving up to date training to all visitors, but it also helps ensure legal requirements for site safety are met. And all data recorded, including the time, will be sent to a secure central database, providing even more security and reasons to use LinkSafe.

Dealing with malicious intent on site

Not all visitors to a site have good intentions. Because it is not always easy to tell legitimate visitors from those who intend to cause harm, having a system in place to track and manage every person who attends a site is highly important. Identifying legitimate visitors makes it far easier to also identify illegitimate ones and prevent a problem from occurring before it happens.

By using digital visitor management software, all legitimate visitors can be smoothly tracked. With the software, arrivals are never unexpected, and access to secure areas can be centrally controlled. Remote monitoring means that every site detail can be observed and recorded, down to the entry point your visitors come through. Security will be made an easier job too and will come down to checking who has clearance and keeping out those who don’t. LinkSafe’s system also offers expert help with the setup, so you can be protected soon after you choose the system and rest easy that everything will be in working order from the start.

LinkSafe’s system is one that your company can employ quickly and easily to simplify the visitor management process and add an extra layer of security. It can be set up fast, ensuring you have peace of mind and are able to focus your attention on your work instead of on further safeguarding it.

With its free-to-download app, highly-detailed recordings sent to a secure central database, photo ID and signature collection, automated options, and ability to prepare a wearable pass for visitors, LinkSafe’s system is superior to most other systems out there. If you’ve been considering an upgrade, you’ve found the one. LinkSafe will save you time and money.


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