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Report incidents to your whole team straight away.

Incident reporting – complete and up to date:

Our Incident Reporting software means you’re ALWAYS across the incidents that occur in your workplace.

Upload and share media (no more messy email chains!):

Your team can view and post documents like doctor’s reports to your centralised Incident Reporting platform.

Smoothly transition from your existing system:

LinkSafe’s intuitive software digitises your current Incident Reporting documentation and replicates that process (all you need to is go digital!)
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Incident Reporting Software & Incident Management Australia

Regardless of how effective and extensive your business’ policies and procedures are, undesirable incidents will still inevitably occur from time to time and it is vital to use an incident reporting software to report on the incident.

When it comes to injuries to members of staff and contractors, it doesn’t matter whether they’re caused by falls, moving objects, pieces of equipment or even overexertion – if they’re caused by something related to a work activity, and during work time, then it’s essential that they’re documented using an incident management system and that proper precautionary measures are taken to prevent them from reoccurring in the future.

Why Incident Report Software Matters

But it isn’t just injuries caused by accidents that should be recorded. For example, in the unfortunate event that a member of your team is the subject of physical violence while at work, regardless of whether it comes from a fellow team member or a member of the public, it’s essential that the incident is dealt with properly.

With all this in mind and with the specific nature of individual incidents aside, it’s time to start planning to guarantee effective reporting and management as and when unprecedented circumstances present themselves.

With a comprehensive and professional incident reporting system in place, you can put your company in the very best possible position to deal with occurrences effectively and minimise the risk that they’ll ever occur again.

Incident Reporting Software – The Advantages of Using an Online Incident Management System

In the past, many companies have created successful solutions using traditional approaches. And thanks to modern technology, useful tools like spreadsheets and chain emails have come along to make the process or reporting easier than ever before.

But now, online incident reporting software has completely changed the game. As the most advanced, sophisticated and intuitive incident reporting software yet developed, the online incident reporting system is the perfect solution to the needs of your business.

Incident Reporting Software That is Easy to Use

Reporting an incident is simple: just use the reporting tool to select the type of incident which has occurred and note all the important, relevant information which you have to hand. The information will then be stored safely and securely online in our reporting software, where it will be conveniently accessible in the future when it comes to taking preventive steps to avoid a reoccurrence.

Not only does this mean that your incident information will be available for swift and easy access, but it also means that you’ll be able to say goodbye to the stress associated with losing or damaging important paperwork associated with past or ongoing incidents.

Why Bespoke Incident Reporting Software is Best

When it comes to incident reporting and management, bespoke solutions are always the best. Generic, standardised tools can be useful, but only by adapting and customising the software so that it is relevant to the challenges faced by your specific team of staff and contractors can you expect to achieve the very best possible results.

And, with a bespoke system such as those available here at LinkSafe, you’ll be able to set up different levels of access in order to reflect the roles and responsibilities of different members of your team, making your online incident management system highly professional and completely user-friendly.

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Forget messy Excel spreadsheets and email chains:This is the future of Incident Reporting for your business.

Imagine having everyone in your companyable to report and review incidents across your operation in real time.

Think of the time that would save you.

Not to mention the peace of mind that comes with not having to follow up multiple personnel — and manually record everything — every time there’s an incident.

LinkSafe’s Incident Reporting software package allows your business to do exactly that.

Capture and store incident evidence for your own records and potential investigations.

Send automated email and SMS notifications to required personnel.

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Customised Incident Reporting software to suit your data access and privacy policies

Our Incident Reporting tool gives you a formalised system that you can fully customise to fit your specific processes and requirements.

Any device can work with this software…meaning everyone takes ownership for reporting and reviewing incidents.

The system lets you set up different levels of access for different users. Your administrators can have full visibility of every incident report, while other users may only have limited access. This allows you to protect your integrity and privacy.

All your incident reporting evidence will be in one centralised, up to date place. You no longer need to manually keep records or nag individuals to follow up.

LinkSafe is your Incident Reporting partner
(no call centres)

LinkSafe exists to help your business become more efficient, across the board.

We know how much time you can lose reporting and recording incidents the old way.

You know, manually checking spreadsheets and entering data to keep on top of your company’s obligations.

We’re here to partner with your business and help you automate all that work you’ve been spending hours on.

Owned and operated here in Australia, we have a team of specialist consultants to help you customise and implement software that will save your business time and money. And ensure you remain up to date with all your Incident Reporting tasks and processes.

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Our guarantee:

We promise our Incident Reporting tool will save you time and money

Our proven software is as powerful as it is reliable.

It helps you move your business away from the old, time-consuming manual methods and into a more efficient, accessible and reliable era.

We’re sure you’ll see big improvements FAST.

In fact, we’re so sure that our software will save your company time and money. If you DON’T feel it has benefited your business, we’ll give you a complete refund on your annual hosting at any time in your first 90 days as a LinkSafe client.


“The LinkSafe team provides exceptional service. I couldn’t fault them – they deliver”

Richard DovisonCorporate Services Director, Landmark

“We don’t have to worry about staff and contractor inductions or training – it’s all online, so easy, so quick. We have thousands of contractors and staff that have been inducted and trained thanks to LinkSafe and we’ve saved so much time and money.
The team really understands our business. Always available, helpful and responsive. They are proactive too, making updates and providing suggestions for improvements.”

Jo LombardiNational Health, Safety & Environment Manager for GrainCorp Foods

“As an Emergency Service - our own OH&S must be first-class. We use LinkSafe to prequalify and train both contractors and staff.
MFB has found that we have not only better compliance but improved retention of information - thanks to the LinkSafe online modules.
We’re happy, the contractors are happy and we’re saving time and money for both parties.”

Ian RooneyProperty Services Contracts Manager for MFB

“Very soon it became apparent that the system exceeded expectations by a considerable margin. They understood our needs and helped us through the implementation including the process of instructing our contractors
They’re great guys the LinkSafe team. Very co-operative, very helpful. They keep on improving the system too – providing exceptional value for money”

Ian RooneyProperty Services Contracts Manager for MFB

“Right from our first interactions, LinkSafe have been fantastic to deal with, always responsive and proactive
From an admin perspective the system is simple to manage.
It reduces the manual nature of the process, removes the requirement for field staff to perform inductions and enables contractors to complete inductions prior to attending site.”

Peter KessonSafety, Health & Well-being Coordinator for Goulburn Valley Water

“The system was rolled out with a minimum of issues and has continued along the same line. I have had feedback from users that this system is one of the best software packages which GVW have rolled out.”

Peter KessonSafety, Health & Well-being Coordinator for Goulburn Valley Water

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