Induction training: how to streamline and get new employees up to speed the quickest

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One of the most important parts of running a successful business is employee training.

When employees have a proper induction training, they’re in a better position to succeed; they know how to perform the job, the policies and procedures of your company, and they become more familiar with your corporate culture and mission. Setting your team up for success with the right training is a win for them and a win for you.

If you don’t properly train your employees, you’re at risk for a slew of problems, including workplace accidents, subpar work, and losing good employees because they don’t feel like they were given the tools to succeed.

Here are a few tips to streamline your employee training and get your new team members trained and working successfully as quickly as possible:

Be prepared

The key to successful employee training is preparation. Knowing exactly what you need to train your employees on, what paperwork you need to collect, and everything else that needs to be done before they’re ready to work is crucial for an effective training experience.

Creating a checklist of employee training must-do’s is a great way to stay organized. Knowing everything you need to get done from day one will help you stay on top of the training process and get through the items quickly and efficiently. As your new team member completes each part of the induction process, check it off on your checklist. At the end of the process, go back and make sure you haven’t missed anything before signing off that their employee training is complete.

Have clearly defined roles

A key element to a successful and streamlined employee induction training is clearly defined roles. If you’re not sure exactly what your new employee is going to be responsible for, it’s impossible to know what training is going to be necessary.

Before you hire someone and put together an employee training program, make sure you’ve clearly defined the role and know exactly what that person will be responsible for; that way, you know what kind of training they’ll need to be successful.

Take things online

The best way to streamline the employee training process and keep track of each individual employees progress is to take things online. Using an online induction software makes the training process easier for you and your employees. For your team, it’s helpful to have all of their training materials on one central platform. Online induction is also helpful for compliance reasons; when all of your employee training is managed online, it’s easy to organize and store all the required documentation and paperwork and access it when you need it.

How LinkSafe can help

At LinkSafe, we’re committed to making employee training in Australia faster, easier, and more efficient. With our online induction training software, you can process inductees online from wherever you are – no need to be in the office. You can also request and record necessary paperwork and monitor employee and contractor progress – all from a platform custom branded to match your business.

Ready to get started? Get in touch with LinkSafe today to find out how we can make your induction training faster, easier, and more streamlined.


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