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Australia’s Premier Education Site Management Software

With an increased amount of contractors being outsourced throughout universities, TAFEs, schools and other educational institutions; managing and controlling contractors across multiple facilities is a real challenge. Luckily, there’s a perfect solution in the form of LinkSafe, offering automated and contactless education site management alongside traditional methods.

Giving each facility greater contractor control with automated processes

The LinkSafe system enables educational institutions such as TAFEs, schools, and universities to create a solid contractor base, and if required, ensures a faculty can be split into separate business divisions. Each faculty gains control over its own contractors while other faculties have control over theirs – all whilst being integrated into one unified, automated education site management solution.

Say you onboard a contractor, but your science faculty also needs to engage with that contractor. The faculty can simply search in the system and then move the contractor into their profile, without the need to pre-qualify them again, thanks to our contactless education site management features.

Centralised view through complete integration for customised management

We understand that integration with systems such as work order and asset management is becoming an increasing headache for many educational institutions. This is why we will work closely with you to ensure that LinkSafe is fully integrated and connected with your current systems, offering a customised approach to education site management.

Our education site management software also allows for a central overview when reaching out to potential contractors, ensuring that only qualified and competent companies are engaged. The end result is a better, safer, and more efficient education facility with the benefits of automated and contactless operations.