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Healthcare Contractor Management Simplified

Navigating the complexities of pre-qualifying, onboarding, and managing contractors across various locations can often be a daunting task, especially for extensive hospital networks. However, with our healthcare contractor management software, these challenges can be significantly alleviated. LinkSafe enables your hospitals to leverage a centralised platform while also maintaining the capacity to operate locally when necessary.

Healthcare Contractor Management Customised to Your Needs

Our offering is divided into two distinct models. LinkSafe Health allows you to become a part of a comprehensive network of health institutions. With the support of certified safety professionals, we manage all contractor pre-qualifications on your behalf. This model provides you with access to a thoroughly vetted pool of contractors, ready to serve any healthcare network registered within LinkSafe Health.

Alternatively, you have the option to manage your contractors independently, either on a facility or company-wide scale. Both models guarantee that you engage only with contractors who meet your specific criteria, ensuring the efficacy of our healthcare contractor management software.

Bespoke Inductions & Comprehensive Site Metrics

Our LinkSafe system works relentlessly, conducting immediate and thorough compliance checks the moment an individual logs in on-site. This healthcare-specific visitor management software, built in Australia, records time and attendance in real time, enabling you to monitor who is present on-site at any moment.

Moreover, LinkSafe simplifies the management of inductions for various contractor types. We can design customised induction packages for specific contractors or individuals, even catering to those working in more secure departments such as radiology and intensive care.

Our healthcare contractor management software is tailored to accommodate your needs, ensuring seamless operations and enhanced safety. From contractor and credential management to incident and hazard reporting, induction management, legal expertise and a host of other applications, LinkSafe provides tailored solutions to all your compliance challenges.