We know just how much of a nightmare it can be when pre-qualifying, inducting and managing contractors across multiple locations, especially for large-scale hospitals. With LinkSafe, your hospitals can share a central platform, and when required, still operate at a local level.

Contractor management your way

We offer two distinct models beginning with LinkSafe Health, which allows you to join an extensive list of health networks. Through a tight alliance with certified safety professionals, this model enables all contractor pre-qualifications to be managed by us on your behalf.

This will allow you to then access an approved pool of contractors which have all been extensively vetted, being able to work for any health network that is registered within LinkSafe Health.

Or you can choose our second model which allows you to pre-qualify and manage your own contractors instead, either facility or company-wide. Both options will ensure that you are only engaging with contractors that meet your specific requirements.

Tailored inductions & complete site overview

The LinkSafe system constantly works around the clock, even when engineering teams aren’t. Our system will instantly perform comprehensive compliance checks as soon as an individual signs in on-site.

It will also capture and record time and attendance, allowing you to easily see who is on-site during any given time. LinkSafe also makes managing inductions for different types of contractors easier.

We can create tailored induction packages for your intended contractors and individuals, or create tailored induction packages for specific individuals who are working in more secure areas such as radiology and intensive care departments.