Residential Construction Contractor Management Software

Are you a residential construction company seeking efficient contractor management solutions tailored to your specific needs? Look no further. We offer customisable residential construction contractor management software, including pre-qualification, onboarding, and compliance checks.

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Building more than 200 homes a year in Australia?

Our Australian residential construction contractor management software, Linksafe, is an ideal paperless solution. It provides a completely customisable, automated, and paperless system designed to meet your unique needs. With Linksafe, you can easily automate contractor pre-qualification and onboarding processes, enabling you to review all relevant information quickly. Upon approval, contractors can promptly induct their employees before arriving on-site, saving you time and effort.

A standout feature of Linksafe is our free contractor portal. This not only saves you time but also allows contractors to manage their own documents, insurance, worker inductions, and on-site registers, ensuring seamless contractor management. Our platform also streamlines credential management, ensuring fewer headaches for your team.

Construction companies we’re currently working with

Proudly, we’re working alongside leading names in the construction industry, including Simonds, Henley, Burbank, and AVID Property. View our case studies to understand how we’ve enhanced their operations.

Manage contractors with ease

Our residential construction contractor management software solutions in Australia are designed to enhance your operational efficiency and safety compliance, whether you’re a large-scale builder or a smaller company. Explore our offerings and feel confident that you’re on top of your contractor management and health and safety obligations.

From contractor and credential management to incident and hazard reporting, induction management, legal expertise and a host of other applications, LinkSafe provides tailored solutions to all your compliance challenges.

Our QR code sign-in feature on worksites is ideal for contact tracing requirements and flagging message boards contractors are required to acknowledge when on-site. You can then capture their details and send out SMS broadcasts for communicating with all contractors when required.

Illustration of an outline of a house with a pink transparent circle

Building less than 200 homes a year?

We’ve created a solution for you.

Looking for a system that’s ready for you to grab off the shelf and hit the ground running? We’ve partnered with HazardCo to create a solution that’s perfect for companies doing 20 – 200 homes a year.

Feel confident you’re on top of your health & safety

The HazardCo Contractor Management solution – powered by LinkSafe, is set up with everything you need to check your contractors are compliant before they come onto your sites. It’s automated, simple, and you don’t need to be a health and safety expert to run it.

You will receive hazard boards with QR codes for your workers to scan each day. If anyone scans in who isn’t approved to be on-site, you’ll get a notification, so unless you hear otherwise you’ll know everyone on-site is good to go.