Residential Construction Industry

If you’re a large building company that needs a fully custom solution for pre-qualifying and onboarding your contractors, or you’re a smaller company looking for a solution that’s ready for you to grab off the shelf, we’ve got an automated and paperless option to suit. First we need to know how many residential projects you complete each year.

How many houses do you build a year?

Building more than 200 homes a year?

Fully customisable and tailored to your needs

Linksafe has you covered.

We understand that in the construction industry, organisations require a paperless solution for pre-qualifying and onboarding their contractors that is also customisable and tailored to their specific needs. That’s where we come in.

Restriction changes for construction industry

The Victorian Government has announced changes to construction industry settings. The changes will be made to limit the spread of COVID-19 in the industry, allowing people to keep working safely.

Anyone who attends a construction site will need to have a first dose of COVID-19 vaccination by 11:59pm Thursday, 23 September. All construction workforce limits will remain unchanged.

Our platform takes all the hassle out of vaccination management.

Automate pre-qualifying & onboarding contractors

LinkSafe seamlessly automates processes such as onboarding contractors by having them complete the pre-qualification and allowing you to simply examine all relevant information. Once the company is approved, they can then easily induct all of their employees before arriving on-site. You won’t have to do a thing.

A clear differentiator with LinkSafe is that we provide a free contractor portal. As a huge time saver, our portal shifts the workload from you over to your contractors. This enables them to manage their own documents, insurance, worker inductions and on-site registers to clearly see their people have signed into your work sites.

Less headaches with our spot check compliance app

With our spot check compliance app, project or site supervisors can scan contractor’s induction ID cards to ensure they’re compliant, or flag them if they’re non-compliant, on the spot. KPIs can be set and tracked if required to ensure they are being met.

Our QR code sign-in feature on worksites is ideal for contact tracing requirements and flagging message boards contractors are required to acknowledge when on-site. You can then capture their details and send out SMS broadcasts for communicating with all contractors when required.

Building less than 200 homes a year?

We’ve created a solution for you.

Looking for a system that’s ready for you to grab off the shelf and hit the ground running? We’ve partnered with HazardCo to create a solution that’s perfect for companies doing 20 – 200 homes a year.

Hazard Co Video

Watch the video to see how HazardCo works

Request a demo and find out more about HazardCo Contractor Management – powered by LinkSafe

Feel confident you’re on top of your health & safety

The HazardCo Contractor Management solution – powered by LinkSafe, is set up with everything you need to check your contractors are compliant before they come onto your sites. It’s automated, simple, and you don’t need to be a health and safety expert to run it.

You will receive hazard boards with QR codes for your workers to scan each day. If anyone scans in who isn’t approved to be on-site, you’ll get a notification, so unless you hear otherwise you’ll know everyone on-site is good to go.