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Do you have issues with finding a workable system to ensure that all your retail staff receive a company induction?

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Bring Your Retail Staff Inductions into The Modern Age

If your business is still using spreadsheets and email chains to track things like contractors, inductions and incident reports.

Then you’ve just unlocked a way to leave all that behind and save countless hours — plus untold amounts of money — by digitising and automating those processes.

LinkSafe’s suite of bespoke and fully customisable tools allows you to create a centralised online system that’s cleaner, faster and simpler than you might think possible.
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Australia’s Best Retail Employees Induction Software

As one of the leading suppliers of retail employees induction software Australia has available, LinkSafe have a way to make the process much easier to manage. And we do this by offering custom-built retail induction software that’s been developed with your company at its heart, so that it’s perfectly aligned to your company’s needs.

Tailor-made Retail Employee Induction System to Streamline The Whole Induction Process

With over three decades of experience in developing flexible induction systems for all sectors, including retail, we’ve designed fully customisable retail employees’ induction software that will not only automate your induction process, but will reflect your brand and company ethos.

Our induction software for retail employees has been developed to be user-friendly as possible. We include everything from branding and company logos to your company images, photos and videos, to ensure your customised software is easily identifiable, and always incorporate any site and organisational policies, procedures and practices into your system.

See How You & Your Staff Can Benefit From a LinkSafe Retail Induction Software System

There are many reasons to consider a LinkSafe induction software system for retail employees. It not only offers an easy way for your employees to undergo inductions, but it provides a failsafe way for you to record and monitor your staff, and ensure compliance.

Once up and running, your system will be accessible 24 hours a day from the secure LinkSafe server via any device with an internet connection, plus the system will automatically verify and record each time the system is accessed. There’s no longer any need for face-to-face inductions, saving both time and money.

Furthermore, our induction software for retail employees also has the facility to monitor expiry and renewal dates, so you’ll never fall behind with your compliance responsibilities.

You’ll Receive Full Support & Guidance to Get The Best Use From Your Retail Induction Software

When you choose induction software from LinkSafe, we’ll ensure you get all the guidance and support you need to make the most of your software’s capabilities.

Each client is allocated an account manager, who will work closely with you and our Sales and Support teams to develop your software and ensure that it accurately reflects your business, and that it continues to work hard for you.

We begin with a thorough needs analysis before we develop the draft content, which you review and approve prior to implementation.

You’ll also be offered regular reviews to assess whether your system still meets your needs, implementing changes or adding extra modules as required.

Want to Know More About Our Retail Induction Software Systems?

If you’d like to see how our retail induction software could help your business, contact LinkSafe now by calling 1300 558 102.

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LinkSafe is Australia’s leader in online induction software, online staff training software, and retail inductions. Learn more about our services today.

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The Tools: Exactly Where LinkSafe Speeds Your Work Up

Our six applications are easy to use and fully customisable. You pay a one-off setup fee and a modest annual hosting fee (there are no per-head charges).

Contractor Management

Add, manage and prompt your contractors on your computer, tablet or phone.

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Induction Management

Ensure everyone in your business is inducted and compliant using a simple online platform (no more time consuming face-to-face inductions!)

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Hazard Management

Record, assign, monitor and report on hazards in your business.

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Incident Management

Enable your staff to upload photos and documents, and build comprehensive incident reports

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Job Management

Gain full visibility across multiple worksites and ensure compliance without physically being there.

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Visitor Management

Bring guests to your company’s sites with minimum disruption and complete safety through a simple tablet-based app at the entrance.

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Retail Induction Software That Delivers Excellent Outcomes

Those in charge of finding and hiring new employees understand that no matter how attractive a candidate is until they are on the floor and working within your business you won’t have a complete sense of how they will perform.

Engaging retail employee with induction software allows retailers to give their new hires a platform from which they can grow and represent the company appropriately. A C.V. and references can only tell you so much about a person, so it is important that if you believe they can do the job and do it well, you equip them with the necessary tools and information to give it their best shot.

At Linksafe, our induction software system for retail employees is a customisable asset to any business that chooses to leave the old induction methods in the past and tap into the benefits of technology.

Administratively, you alleviate a major burden from the human resources department, while ensuring that each and every new hire has the opportunity to engage directly with the messages and information that you have identified as important to their role. The net result is an excellent outcome, both for the worker and you, the employer.

What Advantages Can a Retail Employee Gain from a Great Induction Process?

With the right system in place, you can determine exactly how your employees engage with the company from the outset. Rather than leave the induction process to staff that have many more duties to complete during their day, choosing induction software for retail employees is a beneficial way to allow new hires to get to grips with their new workplace and duties without feeling like they are in the spotlight.

When you need to deliver specific information about a role, this is the best possible way to clarify any doubts that the employee might have about where they fit in the organisation and what is expected of them. Any employee’s first day on the job usually involves a little apprehension, so providing them with a proactive tool to engage with that clears up any doubts that they might have creates a win-win scenario.

There are plenty of competitors no matter what industry you occupy and so prospective new hires that are in the job market will undoubtedly have looked at other options. You can motivate them and give assurances that they made the right decision by having a smart retail induction software system in place. Getting an immediate sense of the culture, policies, procedures and work norms makes eases them into the organisation and promotes a sense of confidence in their decision.

Bespoke Induction Software Tools for Your Retail Workplace in Australia

A great induction process can have a direct effect on the way that your employees behave going forward. It can promote free communication, openness and diligence with regards to pointing out any issues that could compromise or negatively impact the business when they are identified.

At Linksafe, our suite of bespoke tools enables our clients to create a simple, fast and effective centralised online system that is completely customisable to their workplace. Retail employees induction software provides them with everything they need to capably approach their role and represent the business in a manner that bolsters its public image.

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