How to ensure safety and compliance at all your worksites simultaneously

LinkSafe’s intuitive online tool centralises and streamlines your Site Management

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Never allow a non-compliant contractor on your work site again.

Scan in, scan out:

Your staff and contractors scan their ID. Our system ensures they only get in if they’re registered and compliant.

No more manual checks on-site:

A simple tablet app allows you to monitor and approve site visits.

Easily manage multiple locations:

Monitor and record who’s working where from head office — or your laptop or tablet if you’re out on the road.

Monitor every movement in and out of your site online

LinkSafe’s Site Management solution means you no longer have to worry about having unregistered or non-compliant personnel at your work sites.

Either a free-to-download app (available on both iOS and Android) or a QR based self sign-in means you can instantly verify compliance, ensure your contractors have the necessary high risk work permits AND remove the need to pay a site manager.

The system requests and captures risk assessments and Safe Work Method Statements and administers safety questionnaires where applicable.

In short…

EVERYTHING you used to have to do manually to manage and monitor your company’s work sites — you can now do online and remotely.

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Minimise your risk with our foolproof Site Management tool

Our Site Management tool gives you a formalised online method for capturing everything you need to safely manage your work sites and the contractors visiting them.

Every single movement in and out of your work sites goes into your online database. This gives you a fully searchable and reportable site management history.

Using this software, your company can be 100% confident that only those personnel who are allowed on your sites gain access. This minimises your risk and enhances your safety.

The tool’s instant compliance checks remove the need to manually check insurances, inductions and licenses. And if there are any issues that require your attention, you can attend to them from head office or remotely — without having to visit the site in person.

LinkSafe is your Site Management partner
(no call centres)

LinkSafe exists to help your business become more efficient, across the board.

We know how much time you can spend managing your company’s sites the old way.

You know, manually checking spreadsheets and entering data.

We’re here to partner with your business and help you automate all that work you’ve been spending hours on.

Owned and operated here in Australia, we have a team of specialist consultants to help you customise and implement software that will save your business time and money. And ensure you remain up to date with all your Site Management tasks and processes.

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The LinkSafe team provides exceptional service. I couldn’t fault them – they deliver

Richard DovisonCorporate Services Director, Landmark

We don’t have to worry about staff and contractor inductions or training – it’s all online, so easy, so quick. We have thousands of contractors and staff that have been inducted and trained thanks to LinkSafe and we’ve saved so much time and money.
The team really understands our business. Always available, helpful and responsive. They are proactive too, making updates and providing suggestions for improvements.

Jo LombardiNational Health, Safety & Environment Manager for GrainCorp Foods

Right from our first interactions, LinkSafe have been fantastic to deal with, always responsive and proactive
From an admin perspective the system is simple to manage.
It reduces the manual nature of the process, removes the requirement for field staff to perform inductions and enables contractors to complete inductions prior to attending site.

Peter KessonSafety, Health & Well-being Coordinator for Goulburn Valley Water

The system was rolled out with a minimum of issues and has continued along the same line. I have had feedback from users that this system is one of the best software packages which GVW have rolled out.

Peter KessonSafety, Health & Well-being Coordinator for Goulburn Valley Water

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Contemporary Site Induction Software for Australia

Looking after a major site requires a considerable amount to time and administrative effort. Site management is something that must be handled professionally to make sure that things run smoothly and that only those that are supposed to be on the property that you are responsible for are present.

However, manual checks can often lead to errors and oversights that are not noticed until it is too late. Effective record keeping today comes with a greater degree of scrutiny and pressure. As such, accessing a solution that eliminates error and provides complete, accurate records at all times is essential.

At Linksafe, we believe in innovation and finding better ways to complete necessary tasks that so often have compromised the compliance standards of companies throughout Australia. We appreciate that those will multiple worksites can struggle to maintain the same consistent level of quality and control at all times. It is impossible to be there to document every movement into and away from your site, which is why our solutions are quickly becoming so popular.

By moving to a digital alternative, you can gain complete visibility of all of your sites. The ability to determine which workers are present and accounted for, who is not and who is on-site that maybe should not be, empowers you to take proactive steps to address the issue in time.

How Our Site Induction Tools Add Value to Your Sites

With the presence of our highly effective site management software, you not only gain a complete overview, but the system will quickly check and indicate any issues to do with inductions, licenses and insurances. You, therefore, have a smart solution in place that negates the possibility of unauthorised workers or those that have not been cleared to gain access to the site.

One of the key benefits that arise from this is that you gain confidence in the workforce that is furthering your interests day-to-day. You can check the system and determine whether they have completed their site induction and instantly recognise that they have been fully briefed per the guidelines and have the necessary knowledge that they require to safely work.

For other employees, the presence of this software gives them peace of mind that their managers have their best interests at heart. If an unqualified contractor was on-site, they could compromise the safety of others, simply because they are unaware of the hazards, or have little appreciation for the protocols that are in place.

Technology also creates a sense of trust between a company and the community that it serves. Positive word-of-mouth about the systems acquired to bolster the health, safety and efficiency of the site helps to build trust. What’s more, it is a factor that will encourage prospective, talented new hires to accept an offer of work.

The Best Value Site Induction Systems on the Market

At Linksafe, we believe that the value proposition our site management system delivers to companies is second to none. You only pay a one-off setup fee and a modest annual hosting fee, the latter of which we will refund in full within the first 90 days if you do not feel that our system has brought about a substantial improvement.

Rest assured, our site induction software can be tailored to your individual worksite and is adaptable so that you can tweak it to your needs when required. Our suite of bespoke tools is ready to work for you. So, fill in the online form and access a 30-minute strategy session to learn more.
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