Software to Check Compliance of Building Contractors

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Is There Software to Check Compliance of Building Contractors?

Gone are the days where contractors managed small, simple projects. It was much easier for local councils to ensure all building contractors were up to date with regards to compliance when multi-million-dollar projects, and complex collaborations, change orders, and other compliance regulations were not part of everyday working life.

Construction management has become a much more challenging undertaking, and this is only compounded by the ever-growing plethora of regulations in the building industry. So, how can contractors ensure that they avoid delays and stoppage due to noncompliance? And how can the local council monitor building contractors within their areas to make sure that everything is in order?

Learn Everything You Can About Compliance

The first thing that contractors should do, is to learn as much as they can about the compliance requirements. Local council members should already have a good grip on these already, but there’s nothing wrong with brushing up every now and then. Although it seems daunting, and it certainly can be time-consuming, there are some straightforward ways to brush up on compliance updates. The most common compliance regulations that you should know in the building industry include:

Use the Best Compliance Software

When it comes to disseminating compliance information and collecting compliance data, it simply shouldn’t be done by paper anymore. Paper records can often get lost and outdated. It’s essential that local councils and contractors upgrade to an innovative software system like LinkSafe that cuts their administrative workload and gives them easy access to a centralised platform of compliance data to make their job more effective and accurate.

At LinkSafe, we’re all about ensuring safety and compliance within the workplace, while also helping councils and contractors to have all their compliance management data in one place to make it simple to locate the information needed. With our software, you can check compliance, make the required updates, produce reports and export all of your data to external sources when necessary.

Almost all of the mundane manual tasks are automated. It helps you get ahead of compliance issues before they happen by flagging problems that need to be investigated. You can choose to receive notifications about compliance issues to your email, desktop, phone or all three to ensure that you get on top of them as soon as possible.

With LinkSafe, you will no longer have to spend time getting in touch with contractors and other companies to check their compliance records, our hands-off management system will do it automatically for you.

Simple Software Accessible from Anywhere

Despite the complex job that it does, LinkSafe is designed to be easy to use. You don’t have to be a technical expert to get everything that you want from the system. All you have to be able to handle is entering information into a simple online form.

The platform is hosted with secure cloud-based data storage and a web interface that has been secured with TLS. This means that you can access your records from any device with a good internet connection.

All data is held on incredibly secure data centres and we have implemented the highest level of encryption to ensure that you can access your data safely from anywhere.

Manage Vast Compliance with the LinkSafe Solution

If you’re looking for site management solutions, then look no further than LinkSafe. We help you to pick up compliance issues before they happen. Our simple platform is the perfect solution for building contractors and local councils to track, check and manage contractor compliance in a centralised database. Find out more by contacting LinkSafe on 1300 558 102 or use our contact form to leave a message.



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