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Australia’s Leading Digital Contractor Management Software

We understand that when it comes to managing compliance and regulations, each industry is worlds apart. With our digital contractor management system, we offer a close and personalised approach for keeping track – not a one size fits all solution. This paperless contractor management approach streamlines processes and ensures efficient compliance tracking.

Our track record
Image of person holding a tablet
1 million+ compliance documents monitored
Image of person typing on keyboard
100,000+ companies registered
A tradesperson holding a phone which shows that they have signed in
1,000,000+ individual workers managed
Image of person working on laptop at a desk
750,000+ system emails generated each month
Eliminate compliance paperwork
Eliminate compliance paperwork with an easy-to-use automated system.
All your data in one place
Quickly access and retrieve documents, licences, insurance and credentials – all from one place and automated.
Contractor portal
Manage your contractors easily through your own contractor portal.
No more compliance headaches
Peace of mind knowing that each contractor entering your site is 100% compliant.
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What is Unique About Our Custom Contractor Management Software?

When you hear the word contractor, the next word you’ll usually hear is compliance. A lack of pre-qualification is a major headache for many organisations when it comes to making sure every contractor that enters their site is fully compliant and not carrying a licence that is about to expire.

Whether it is constantly chasing up documents, licences, insurance, or any other credentials, it’s a mammoth task that can quickly spiral out of control without a smart and efficient management solution. Our contractor compliance software system will monitor everything for you, making sure every licence, insurance, and qualification is up to date.

At LinkSafe, we work closely with you to design and create contractor management software that is personalised to your exact needs while reflecting your branding. And once we’ve set it up for you, you’ll still receive constant support from one of our dedicated account managers.

The same goes for our credential management, site management, induction management and incident hazard reporting software.

What do you get out of it?

Struggling to ensure that each contractor and worker stepping onto your site is compliant?

Not a problem – our contractor compliance management software will send out an automated alert to the relevant departments as soon as a contractor signs in with an expired licence. This contactless contractor sign in feature ensures a seamless and efficient process.

Spending too much money on full-time staff having to chase up compliance issues with contractors?

Not a problem – our mobile contractor sign in feature in our contractor management software in Australia provides a centralised cloud hub for all your data and can be easily accessed from any smart device, making it easy to locate and grab data on the go.

Whatever your contractor management issues may be, we’ll work closely with you to build a personalised solution that is designed for your exact needs. Affordability gets you cheap results; LinkSafe gets you results worth paying for.

Contractor management system benefits and features, tailored to you

  • A personalised solution

    We’ve been in this business for a while, so we know that what works for one organisation won’t necessarily work for you. This is why our in-house team is dedicated to understanding every aspect of your business to fully understand what your exact requirements and pain points are.

    Once equipped with this information, we’ll start building custom contractor management software that reflects your branding, is easy to use and designed according to how you will use it.

  • Compliance automation made easy

    With just the touch of a few buttons, you can access all of your induction, insurance and compliance information from one place. Spare your staff the hassle of sifting through endless rows in Excel spreadsheets and eliminate manual data entry altogether.

  • Custom online forms

    It is a time-consuming process having to get your contractors to fill out a whole bunch of compliance questions regarding their relevant and current licences etc. To speed this process up, we’ll build custom online forms based around your specific needs to be sent out to each contractor, such as the tasks to be performed and uploading their recent worker’s compensation insurance policy.

  • Easily keep track of contractors

    We get that keeping track of each of your contractors can be an almost impossible task, especially when you have multiple sites. With our contractor portal, you can access any desired statistics on any smart device, such as how many inductions have been completed, how many inductions are currently active and a breakdown of each type of induction.

  • Live data on the go

    With our search and compliance reporting feature, you will always have instant access to live data such as company records and searching for specific workers. You can also quickly locate specific information with our detailed filter options.

  • Contactless sign-in

    Whether it’s for compliance during a pandemic or for a faster way to speed up processing times, contactless sign-in makes it quick and easy for contractors to sign in and out of your site. We’ll set up a QR code system that can be scanned with any QR scanner.

Contractor management in 6 simple steps

Step 1

Information is gathered from contractors to determine their capability, performance, compliance and capacity.

Step 2

All contractor documents, insurance and records are stored and monitored.

Step 3

When a contractor’s nearing expiry, weekly reminders are automatically sent out.

Step 4

The contractor then uploads the new or renewed records to be reviewed.

Step 5

Once the day of expiry arrives, the contractor is flagged in the system as non-compliant.

Step 6

The records are then renewed and approved, resuming the monitoring process.

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