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Legal Expertise

LinkSafe, through our legal division LinkSafe Legal gives our clients confidence in their pre-qualification and induction content by providing expert legal and safety advice and support in its development through.

Legal access
Access to the best legal and safety advice in contractor safety management
Accurate legal advice
Supply of legally accurate content
Updates to content reflecting legal and safety compliance changes
Access to events & webinars
Access to training, webinars and our blog
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LinkSafe works hard to ensure that the prequalification and induction content we supply to our clients, as part of their online contractor management system, is legally accurate and will protect them in the event of an incident and improves contractor safety by targeting critical safety issues that impact their business.

To achieve this LinkSafe works with leading legal and safety experts in contractor safety management through our legal support division of LinkSafe Legal.

Our legal advisors are qualified health and safety lawyers and certified safety professionals.

What do you get out of it?

By working with LinkSafe, you get support and advice from LinkSafe Legal, access to training for you and your staff, and regular updates of your content to ensure it is current and captures any changes in Health and Safety Legislation.

LinkSafe Legal also regularly publishes articles and updates on contractor safety management case law, and systems.

LinkSafe Legal will stand behind you 100% in your management of contractor safety compliance.

Benefits & features, tailored to you

  • Custom and tailored advice

    Receive personal advice from Linksafe Legal to confirm the context of your business and your legal and safety needs.

  • Custom legal contracts

    Be supplied with customized legal clauses to engage your contractors.

  • Custom legal drafts

    Be supplied with a customised prequalification question set drafted by LinkSafe Legal in partnership with you.

  • Custom legal inductions

    Have the option to have an induction drafted for you in consultation with LinkSafe Legal.

  • Fast, professional, and reliable

    Work with Linksafe to get you up and running quickly.

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