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Integrated LinkSafe Forms

LinkSafe Forms

This is our latest addition to the LinkSafe product offering. When it comes to being able to build forms, audits, checklists – we have the answer! This will allow you to audit sites, contractors and build whatever form you want, to be used wherever you want, even offline.

Eliminate the need for third party platforms
No more switching between system – it can be done right here within LinkSafe.
Give your users access to the forms they need and nothing they don’t.
An easy to use app
Easily submit forms online or offline with our app available on iOS and Google Play.
Corrective Actions
Assign tasks to contractors within your LinkSafe contractor management system and review their work.
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What is unique about LinkSafe Forms?

Build, configure and track version control of any form you want to build. The system is flexible, able to capture photos and videos and retains forms for recall at any stage. Find out who submitted a form and when, and view tagged contractors from the LinkSafe contractor management solution.

LinkSafe Forms allows for a ‘total contractor management solution’ – not only can you pre-qualify contractors, but you can ensure they have what they say! Audit when you arrive on-site or perform a desktop audit — you are in control of how LinkSafe Forms works!

What do you get out of it?

Offline capability – no reception, no worries! Your completed forms will upload when you’re back online!

Priority Corrective Actions – urgent corrective action required for a contractor? No problem! The system allows you to define escalation levels and timeframes.

Phone and Tablet – either way, why not both! Every user can have two simultaneous logins and have their login active on both tablet and phone.

Version Control – easy! If you create a new version of the form, it can be made available without affecting forms currently in progress.

Visual of our LinkSafe Forms

Benefits & features, tailored to you

  • Fully Customisable Templates

    No need to rely on generic questionnaires — build your form exactly how you need it.

  • Contractor Management Integration

    Fully integrate with your existing LinkSafe contractor management system, allowing for easy tagging and corrective actions workflows.

  • Offline Capabilities

    Don’t worry about where you need to be, you can still complete forms in full whilst being offline.

  • Tasks & Actions

    Easily create tasks and corrective actions when there is work to be done.

LinkSafe Forms in 3 simple steps

Step 1
Create the Template

Build the form exactly as you need it to be completed by your team.

Step 2
Complete & Submit

Using the app, work through the required form, answering all questions, uploading all media and making any required tagging or actions.

Step 3

Manage any tasks or corrective actions to ensure everything is followed and completed.

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