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LinkSafe Health

When you need an efficient and integrated system to make internally managing your contractors, credentials, visitor information and multiple sites easier, LinkSafe Health provides the ideal solution.

We’ll manage your contractor pre-qualifications
By joining an extensive list of health networks, we’ll do the hard work for you.
Easily manage your induction process
We can create tailored induction packages according to your specific needs.
Two unique models
Choose from two unique LinkSafe Health models according to how you want to manage your contractors.
Instantly see who’s on site
The ability to quickly see who’s on-site at any given time.
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What is unique about LinkSafe Health?

We developed LinkSafe Health during a time when many health networks were struggling to handle their contractor management solutions internally. As a result, we partnered up with certified safety professionals to offer a comprehensive solution where we can invite contractors to pre-qualify, assess their competencies, and communicate with them on behalf of the various health networks that make ‘LinkSafe Health’.

At LinkSafe, we work closely with you to design and create your solution that is tailored to your exact needs while reflecting your branding. And once we’ve set it up for you, you’ll still receive constant support from one of our dedicated account managers.

What do you get out of it?

Struggling to keep on top of pre-qualifying contractors?

Not a problem, we’ll handle it for you by inviting contractors to submit answers for a detailed pre-qualification, guiding and assisting them through the entire process.

Having issues keeping track of all visitor information across multiple facilities?

Not a problem, our system will record and capture contractor and visitor information when they sign in, allowing you to quickly view who is signed in on-site and how long they’ve been there.

Whatever your specific issues may be, we’ll work closely with you to build a personalised solution that is designed for your exact needs. Affordability gets you cheap results; LinkSafe gets you results worth paying for.

Benefits & features, tailored to you

  • Quick & simple QR sign-in

    Whether it’s adhering to contact tracing requirements or speeding up the sign-in process in general, we can implement contactless sign-in across your multiple sites. Your contractors, visitors and other individuals can easily sign-in on-site by scanning a unique QR code on their smart device upon arrival. Or they can sign-in using a tablet device installed with our app.

  • Tailored contractor inductions

    We understand that managing contractor inductions is difficult, especially with different types of contractors depending on what area they are assigned to. This is why we can create custom induction packages tailored to specific areas such as radiology departments, or induction packages tailored to your intended audience.

  • Your contractor pre-qualifications managed for you

    If you choose to join LinkSafe Health’s extensive list of health networks, it allows for us to manage contractor pre-qualifications on your behalf. This lets you access an approved pool of contractors, all who have been thoroughly vetted and are able to work for any health network registered within LinkSafe Health.

  • All induction information in the palm of your hands

    By integrating with your current systems and introducing an online induction process, you can easily locate and retrieve inductee information such as their personal details, how many inductions they have completed, credentials, licences and more.

  • Helping to ensure complete compliance

    When each contractor steps onto your site, you need to ensure that they are compliant. With our system, it conducts an extensive and comprehensive number of checks when each contractor signs in according to their information, credentials and licences. If an expired licence is flagged, the system will prevent them from signing in and provide the required workflow process that needs to be followed.

LinkSafe Health In 5 simple steps

Step 1

We handle the pre-qualification process by inviting contractors to submit their answers and required information. We will also assist and guide them through this process.

Step 2
Tracking documentation

Our system will then track all expiry dates of submitted documentation. Each health network that is a part of LinkSafe Health will also have an overview of all listed contractors and their specific trade types.

Step 3
After pre-qualification

Once a contractor is pre-qualified, they will have the ability to be viewed by all health networks on LinkSafe Health. They also won’t need to undertake another pre-qualification process.

Step 4
Completing inductions

Contractors will have access to a portal page so they can complete the required specific inductions of those health networks.

Step 5
Signing in on-site

When the contractor arrives on-site, all they need to do is simply scan a QR code or use a tablet device to enter in their details via the kiosk. This will check that they are compliant and registered within LinkSafe Health, their licences/credentials are within date, and have completed the necessary induction for the facility they are assigned to.

We only use certified safety professionals for this process, giving us strong control and enabling us to liaise back to our clients if any questions or issues arise.

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