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Australia’s Leading Permit to Work System

LinkSafe’s online Permit to Work system is a flexible, automated solution that allows you to invite contractors to submit permit requirements prior to attending site OR to apply for a contactless permit when they have arrived on-site. It’s a dynamic solution which seamlessly integrates through all aspects of the LinkSafe platform, making it Australia’s preferred customised permit to work system.

Our track record
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25,000+ high risk permits have been applied for
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1,500+ sites managing high risk permits
Customise permit to work types
Whatever permits your organisation requires, you can request them. The solution allows contractors to select the relevant permits and prompts them to follow a simple process. Read, review and approve!
Customise statements
The solution will allow custom statements that must be agreed to by the contractors applying for each permit to ensure they are aware of their obligations and commitments.
Uploading of single or multiple documents.
Attach your templates for contractors to complete, or allow them to upload specific SWMS, risk assessments and other items for you to simply review.
Two solutions – submit permits in advance, or on the day!
You can have a mix of both –Invite contractors to submit the relevant information to be able to pre-apply for a permit OR when they arrive on-site to sign in, they are able to select a range of permits that will allow them to apply.
Linking workers to permits
When workers sign in, they will need to review the items on the permit, open the attachments and confirm their understanding of the requirements – this will then link the worker to the applicable permit.
Find the permit records when you need it!
Gone are the days of searching through filing cabinets, excel spreadsheets, etc. Easily search via the date, type of permit and you’ll be able to find all the necessary information at your fingertips!
SMS approval or rejection of permits.
Upon approving or rejecting a permit, the permit applier will receive an SMS notification of whether the permit has been approved or rejected.
Designed for usability
No apps, no downloads, no complexed workflows, it is all managed through your contractor portal or via the QR code at sign in on your phone.
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What is unique about our electronic Permit to Work software?

It’s a seamless module that is a core part of what we do, making contractor management easy with our automated permit to work system! It makes applying for a permit a breeze – you can capture all the necessary permit information and manage permits on a day-by-day basis. The task becomes simple and easy to manage – whether you are on or off-site. Everything is searchable, all necessary uploads are stored on your LinkSafe platform and can easily be recalled and viewed, offering a premier online permit to work system experience.

LinkSafe is not just “another permit to work” system

Our software is interlinked, meaning workers are actually linked to permits. Workers also must agree to the terms and information their contracting entities have uploaded on their behalf. It ensures workers do not go into the project without knowing what expectations they must fulfill. This contactless permit to work system streamlines compliance and enhances safety on-site.

How does it work?

Invitation in advance

1. If a contractor requires a Permit to Work in advance, they can contact you and you are able to invite them to apply for a permit using our customised permit to work system.
2. They’ll complete the necessary questions, attach associated workers to the permit and upload any relevant information.
3. An alert will be issued to you to review the permit, with the option to approve or reject.
4. When the worker, or workers, arrive on-site, they will be informed that a permit to work has been allocated to them, they will need to reach the conditions, open the associated documents and confirm that they agree to all the information prior to finalising in their sign-in to work, enhancing the efficiency of our contactless permit to work system.

Applying for Permit to Work on-site

1. Sign in and select which permit to work you require from our automated permit to work system.
2. Attach the associated workers to the permit if there are any others.
3. Take photos of necessary documentation.
4. An alert will be raised to the administrator to view, approve or reject the permit application.
5. The workers will receive a text informing them of the outcome and what time the permit is valid to, leveraging the benefits of a contactless permit to work system.

Permit to Work software benefits and features, tailored to you

  • Manage it all from one dashboard

    No need to switch programs, keep track of different tabs or windows. Easily decide which permits are to be applied for on the day, or which ones need to be applied for in advance – or both! Ensure you can set permit validity times with alerts sent out at the time of permit expiry, showcasing the efficiency of our automated permit to work system.

  • Have a solution that is flexible

    No permits are a one-sized fits all approach across industry sectors. We allow your organisation to attach key documentation that may need to be completed (such as credentials, vaccine certificates, and so on), which can be uploaded and form the basis of the evidence you need in order to approve or reject the permit, making our solution a truly customised permit to work system.

  • Make sure workers know what they are doing

    It’s easy for many contracting entities to assume because they have applied for a permit, the workers will know what to do on-site. Incorrect! Workers need to view the relevant documentation, understand the risks, and should be linked and assigned to a permit – something our platform does with ease, demonstrating the effectiveness of a contactless permit to work system!

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