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Site Management

Don’t want to find yourself in the middle of a compliance breach mess due to the sheer amount of people coming in and out of your sites? Well, avoid the situation completely with our site management software.

Our track record
A tradesperson holding a phone which shows that they have signed in
2 million+ contractors signed in
A person with a high vis shirt scanning a QR code with their phone
10,000+ sites signing in all workers
Image of person sitting down looking at their phone
170,000+ compliance spot checks
Easily manage multiple locations
Instantly see who’s on-site, where they’re working and how long they’ve been there.
Upload and approve documentation quickly
Speed up processing times by quickly uploading required permits on the go.
Easy QR code sign-in
Individuals can simply scan the QR code and our system checks everything is valid for contactless sign-in.
Quick and easy spot checks
Easily spot check contractors on-site to ensure all your compliance requirements are met.
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What is unique about our site management system?

Trying to keep track of everyone who is entering and leaving your site is like a juggling act, except a lot more can come crashing down if you drop the ball. We’ve been around a long time and understand just how much of a nightmare it is to keep track of all your contractors, visitors, employees and everyone else on-site.

All it takes is just one of these individuals to slip through the cracks and enter your site with an expired licence to unleash your dreaded compliance nightmare. And in the worst-case scenario, your entire company brand can be tarnished from the fallout.

The difference with us is that you’re not going to get the exact same solution as our last client. We get to the core of how your organisation and sites operate to uncover what your exact issues and requirements are. Then our team gets to work creating your tailored site management system from the ground up.

What do you get out of it?

Paranoid that a non-compliant contractor might enter your site? 

No problem, our system will check and approve everything when a contractor arrives on-site. If their licence has expired, then our system won’t allow them to sign in.

Completely overwhelmed when it comes to knowing who and where each contractor is on-site?

No problem, our site management software will enable you to have eyes across all your sites using one system. Simply log in to see who’s on your site, the location where they’re working and the time they’ve spent on-site.

We understand that each business is completely unique with different needs. Whatever your site management issues are, our team will work closely with you to create a solution that is tailored for your exact requirements. Affordability gets you cheap results; LinkSafe gets you results worth paying for.

Benefits & features, tailored to you

  • Easy QR code sign-in

    The compliance nightmare begins once a non-compliant contractor steps onto your site, so why not stop it at the source? Before anyone can enter your site they will need to scan a unique QR code. Our system will then log their arrival and check to confirm they are pre-qualified, insured and possess an up-to-date licence. Or if you prefer, you can download our app on either iOS or Google Play on tablet and contractors can sign-in scanning their induction ID cards instead.

  • Eliminate compliance headaches

    Managing the requirements of specific licences and permits is a headache no one wants. Our system will not only check to confirm all their information and credentials, but will also stop them from signing in if an expired licence is detected. It will also provide an outline of the actions required and the workflow process to follow.

  • Manage documentation in seconds, not hours

    In the world of business, time is money, and your business is no different. Our site management system allows your contractors to quickly upload permits into the system. You can then define requirements, track expirations and make approvals from any location using any smart device.

  • Monitoring multiple sites made easy

    Our site management software will record everything for you to make monitoring multiple sites a breeze. No matter where you are currently located, just log into the system using any smart device, PC or Mac and easily monitor which site your visitors are signed into and how long they’ve been there. Our system provides you with a full timeline of each person on-site.

  • A fully branded solution

    Image is everything, which is why our in-house team will closely work with you to design a sleek app that accurately reflects your branding and provides a great user experience. Your custom user interface will promote your organisation by incorporating your logos, colours, messaging, style and more.

  • Easily manage permits on the go

    Contractor needs to apply for a last-minute permit? Not a problem. Our system lets your contractors easily apply for permits while they are on-site from their smart device. All they need to do is take a photo of any required documentation and you can easily approve remotely.

Site management in 3 simple steps

Step 1
Worker arrival

Workers arrive on-site and then either scan a QR code for contactless sign-in or sign in using the app on a tablet device.

Step 2
If compliant

The system will quickly scan and verify their details, allowing them to sign-in if no compliance issues are detected.

Step 3
If non-compliant

Our system conducts a comprehensive check regarding the individual’s credentials, personal information and much more. If any compliance error is flagged, the system prevents them from signing in and sends out an instant sms and/or email notification outlining the required steps to take.

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