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Online Induction Portal

Please be aware that Solutions Three has migrated to a new contractor management platform, which requires your contracting firm to pre-register as an approved contractor for Solutions Three prior to undertaking your induction. This can be accessed through the Contractor Registration button to the right.

Completing your induction:

  1. ALL INDUCTEES must first complete a PIN Registration via a link provided to your organisation by Solutions Three.
  2. Press the Contractor Induction button.
  3. Enter your PIN login and follow instructions.

3 Easy Steps:

  1. All inductees must first complete the PIN Registration process, prior to starting any inductions.
  2. Once a PIN and Password has been created, complete any required induction courses.
  3. Print your ID that will be emailed upon completion.

Need Help?

If you need help please contact:

Head Office - Administration
Tel: (03) 8831 0100