Manage and track every visitor to your sites digitally

LinkSafe’s intuitive online tool centralises and streamlines your company’s Visitor Management

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Visitor Induction & Management Systems Australia

Now your site visitors will never end up in the wrong place

Automate your visitors’ check-in:

Your visitors now simply select their contact from a list on a tablet and alert you to their arrival (no manual reception).

Ensure every visit is safe and prompt:

Use the app to display specific safety inductions for your site, so your visitors accept and sign before entering.

Remotely monitor every site visit detail:

Monitor and record who’s visiting where from head office — down to the exact entry point to your work site!

Monitor every visit to your company’s sites online

LinkSafe’s Visitor Management tool means you can now monitor who’s visiting your work sites faster and more efficiently than ever.

This free-to-download app (available on both iOS and Android) eliminates the need for a manual reception facility.


You visitor arrives at your site. They select the relevant contact from a list on a tablet at the entrance. The system then sends an email or SMS to that person to alert them of the visitor’s arrival.

Any safety inductions you require your visitor to complete happen in the app and the exact time and details of their visit go into a secure central database.

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Forget manual inductions and visitor passes

Our Visitor Management tool gives you a formalised online method for capturing everything you need to safely and efficiently bring visitors to your work sites.

Set up as many sign-in points as you need. No matter where your visitor logs in, their contact will receive specific details of their location to ensure they can’t get lost in a hazardous area.

Either iOS or Android devices will work with our Visitor Management tool. That means your visitor, their contact and your head office can conveniently view and manage the visit.

Ensure complete compliance and safety by delivering safety prompts and gathering photo IDs and signatures. The tool automatically prepares a wearable visitor pass!

LinkSafe is your Visitor Management partner
(no call centres)

LinkSafe exists to help your business become more efficient, across the board. We know how much time you can spend inducting personnel the old way. You know, manually checking spreadsheets and entering data. We’re here to partner with your business and help you automate all that work you’ve been spending hours on.

Owned and operated here in Australia, we have a team of specialist consultants to help you customise and implement software that will save your business time and money. And ensure you remain up to date with all your Visitor Management tasks and processes.

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Our guarantee:

We promise our Visitor Management tool will save you time and money

Our proven software is as powerful as it is reliable.

It helps you move your business away from the old, time-consuming manual methods and into a more efficient, accessible and reliable era.

We’re sure you’ll see big improvements FAST.

In fact, we’re so sure that our software will save your company time and money. If you DON’T feel it has benefited your business, we’ll give you a complete refund on your annual hosting at any time in your first 90 days as a LinkSafe client.


“The LinkSafe team provides exceptional service. I couldn’t fault them – they deliver”

Richard DovisonCorporate Services Director, Landmark

“We don’t have to worry about staff and contractor inductions or training – it’s all online, so easy, so quick. We have thousands of contractors and staff that have been inducted and trained thanks to LinkSafe and we’ve saved so much time and money.
The team really understands our business. Always available, helpful and responsive. They are proactive too, making updates and providing suggestions for improvements.”

Jo LombardiNational Health, Safety & Environment Manager for GrainCorp Foods

“As an Emergency Service - our own OH&S must be first-class. We use LinkSafe to prequalify and train both contractors and staff.
MFB has found that we have not only better compliance but improved retention of information - thanks to the LinkSafe online modules.
We’re happy, the contractors are happy and we’re saving time and money for both parties.”

Ian RooneyProperty Services Contracts Manager for MFB

“Very soon it became apparent that the system exceeded expectations by a considerable margin. They understood our needs and helped us through the implementation including the process of instructing our contractors
They’re great guys the LinkSafe team. Very co-operative, very helpful. They keep on improving the system too – providing exceptional value for money”

Ian RooneyProperty Services Contracts Manager for MFB

“Right from our first interactions, LinkSafe have been fantastic to deal with, always responsive and proactive
From an admin perspective the system is simple to manage.
It reduces the manual nature of the process, removes the requirement for field staff to perform inductions and enables contractors to complete inductions prior to attending site.”

Peter KessonSafety, Health & Well-being Coordinator for Goulburn Valley Water

“The system was rolled out with a minimum of issues and has continued along the same line. I have had feedback from users that this system is one of the best software packages which GVW have rolled out.”

Peter KessonSafety, Health & Well-being Coordinator for Goulburn Valley Water

Speak with a LinkSafe specialist consultant

If you’re ready to make a step up to smart Visitor Management using a simple, accessible tool, speak with us NOW. Fill in the form below and hit the link. We’ll set up a complimentary 30-minute strategy session to discuss your business and how our tool will save you time and money.
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Visitor Management System Solutions in Australia

Companies that embrace change and adapt in smart ways are the ones that create the greatest possibility to maximise the productivity of their workforce. The world has been revolutionised in many different ways by technology over the past three decades and now one of the longest standing features of business is ready to change for good.

Visitor sign-in is one of the most common rituals undertaken in a business on a day-to-day basis. However, this process creates work for customer-facing staff that likely have many other duties to attend to. Digital technology makes it possible to alleviate this burden through effective systems that are in place to bolster the efficiency of the workplace.

At Linksafe, we believe that through automating processes companies can harness the abilities and capabilities of the staff that they employ. Removing simple functions and duties and creating a more connected system that is easy for your customers to engage with opens up the potential for your workforce to operate at the peak of their abilities.

Visitor induction is a relatively simple task, but a crucial one that is necessary to ensure the health, safety, wellbeing and compliance standards of any business. With our smart systems in place, you can reduce your administrative workload and tailor the experience to your brand and company.

Why Invest in a Visitor Management System?

A visitor management system that is flexible to your needs and can be adapted when required is a cost-effective solution that will stand you in good stead for years. Our mission is to put practical, yet innovative, systems in place to ensure that our clients can achieve their goals. What’s more, we can customise our systems to reflect your branding so that a complete end-user experience is delivered.

We appreciate that there are VMS software alternatives on the market, but the reality is that many of these are poorly constructed and may not be capable of providing significant interaction with the user. The difference we deliver is our sales and support team. A dedicated account manager assists you throughout the transition so that there is no disruption to the day-to-day business.

The process for new clients is very straightforward. You are invited to complete the online form and request a no-obligation, free strategy session that will last 30 minutes. During this time, our team will discuss what our software can achieve and determine the needs of your business.

We have been providing the very best of software solutions to businesses both little and large and across the vast majority of industries for a long time, so rest assured that we can adapt our technology to achieve what you need.

Visitor Management System Solutions with Secure Long-Term Advantages

Best of all, our systems are guaranteed to lead to a significant improvement in your methods. We can achieve an efficient, reliable and accessible solution that will streamline your operation quickly. If you don’t believe that it has changed things for the better, we offer a refund of your annual hosting any time within the first 90 days.

At Linksafe, we offer companies the chance to tap into an alternative, forward-thinking solution that creates long-term advantages. We have created the best visitor management tool in Australia and it can achieve fantastic results for you.
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