Volunteer Safety Induction Systems

Does your organisation rely on volunteers to keep it going? If so, it’s important to ensure that each volunteer undergoes the relevant volunteer safety induction. One way of confirming that your volunteers receive the induction they need is by using specialist volunteer safety induction software from LinkSafe.

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Bring Your Personnel and Site Management into The Modern Age

If your business is still using spreadsheets and email chains to track things like contractors, inductions and incident reports.

Then you’ve just unlocked a way to leave all that behind and save countless hours — plus untold amounts of money — by digitising and automating those processes.

LinkSafe’s suite of bespoke and fully customisable tools allows you to create a centralised online system that’s cleaner, faster and simpler than you might think possible.
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Australia’s Best Volunteer Safety Induction Systems

Unlike a generic software system for volunteer induction, we’ll create an online system that’s customised to meet the exact needs of your organisation, and which will include everything from your branding and logo to your images, video and audio.

Customised volunteer safety induction systems to reflect your organisation

With over 30 years of experience in providing flexible, customised volunteer safety induction systems for organisations all over the country, we’re one of the leading suppliers of volunteer safety induction software Australia has available.

What’s more, we have a proven record of delivering outstanding results for organisations of all types and for developing the kind of tailor-made software system for volunteer induction that takes into consideration your site and organisational policies, practices and procedures to ensure the best possible outcomes for your business.

We’ll Guide You Through The Volunteer Induction Software Development Process From start to Finish

Creating a customised volunteer induction software system may seem like a difficult task, but our team is here to guide you through the whole process from start to finish.

Depending on the size of your organisation you’ll be assigned one or more account managers who, together with our Sales and Support teams, will work closely with you to develop the best solution for you.

From our initial needs analysis to our review and approval procedure, you’ll always be completely involved in the development of your software.

Access to Your Volunteer Induction Software 24 Hours a Day

Once implemented by our team, your volunteers will be able to access your software for volunteer induction 24 hours a day. And, as everything is hosted on the LinkSafe secure server, it can be accessed from any device with an internet connection.

Our team will upkeep and make amendments to your system as required, while giving you all the advice and information you need to maximise the system’s capabilities.

Through regular reviews, we’ll check that your current software remains representative of your organisation and, should your organisation expand, we can integrate additional modules seamlessly into your existing system.

Find Out More About The #1 Customised Volunteer Safety Induction System in Australia

If you’d like to join the growing number of satisfied customers with a LinkSafe volunteer safety induction system, call 1300 558 102 now and speak to a member of our friendly Sales team.

After all, you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain, including a totally customised system, increased compliance, better management of records and year-on-year cost savings.

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LinkSafe is Australia’s leader in online induction software, online staff training software and volunteer inductions. Learn more about our services today.

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The Tools: Exactly Where LinkSafe Speeds Your Work Up

Our six applications are easy to use and fully customisable. You pay a one-off setup fee and a modest annual hosting fee (there are no per-head charges).

Contractor Management

Add, manage and prompt your contractors on your computer, tablet or phone.

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Induction Management

Ensure everyone in your business is inducted and compliant using a simple online platform (no more time consuming face-to-face inductions!)

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Hazard Management

Record, assign, monitor and report on hazards in your business.

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Incident Management

Enable your staff to upload photos and documents, and build comprehensive incident reports

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Job Management

Gain full visibility across multiple worksites and ensure compliance without physically being there.

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Visitor Management

Bring guests to your company’s sites with minimum disruption and complete safety through a simple tablet-based app at the entrance.

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What is Gained from Volunteer Induction Training?

Any business that plays host to full-time employees, as well as visitors, has a duty of care and a responsibility to ensure their safety and wellbeing. The laws, rules and regulations governing such issues are comprehensive and while they may vary in some small ways from state to state, they are in place to generally limit the possibility for injury or harm in workplaces. Companies that welcome additional staff throughout the year are best served when they put volunteer safety induction systems in place.

If your business has a strong training policy then you have likely created a standardised approach that should be rolled out whenever volunteers are introduced to the environment. However, if the business is still working off old systems, paper-based training or outsourced in-person trainers to achieve this, then there is a vastly superior model ready to bolster your existing processes. When it comes to volunteer safety induction system solutions in Australia, the team here at Linksafe lead the way.

We afford companies across all industries the opportunity to tap into tailored induction, contractor and site management tools that will optimise the performance of their business. 30 years experience and an unyielding commitment to intuitive, smart solutions put us at the forefront of this technology. We will deliver a streamlined cost-effect, bespoke volunteer induction software system that you can trust and depend on, no matter how many changes to the law come into effect down the road.

The Positives of an Effective Volunteer Training System

The best way to think about our approach is that we bring volunteer safety induction systems to those that wish to protect their workforce from harm, accident and fatality. With the benefit of a smart system in place, you can expect that your volunteers will approach their work with a greater degree of confidence. They will have a more comprehensive understanding of what is required, what the rules and regulations are and how they should navigate the site.

Decision-making is something that can change the fortunes of a company or the course of a workday. A worker that does not possess the requisite information to competently carry out their tasks is at a significantly higher risk level of making a mistake compared to those that are fully briefed.

Utilising software for volunteer induction purposes enables your company to promote a more positive environment in the workplace. Those that believe that they have received the right advice, information and support feel that they are welcome, and engage with their duties in a manner that can result in superior productivity and customer satisfaction standards.

Engaging in volunteer induction is the best way to sustain the safe environment that you have already created. Once knowledgeable about the risks and potential hazards that they may face, and given an awareness of issues to do with the locality that they should be mindful of, this limits the number of mistakes and maximises the benefit to the company that comes from bringing in additional human resources.

Take a Proactive Step Toward Greater Efficiency With Our Volunteer Training Systems

If your company has yet to put a volunteer induction software system into place, then don’t accept anything less than the benchmark for quality and flexibility. At Linksafe, we back up our systems with the best sales and support team in the business. We are completely client-focused and endeavour to enable you to achieve more.

This is your chance to reduce the administrative workload that volunteers necessitate. It also allows you to boost the efficiency of your business by proactively accessing digital solutions designed to meet your specific needs.

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