Which is the best contractor management software in Australia? 

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If you’re running a business in Australia, you already know the value of using software that’s made in Australia, by Australians, for Australian conditions. It’s easier for your staff to operate because of things like using the correct date format for our country and having Australian industrial laws as the basis from which it is designed.

Right now there’s only one industry-leading title in Australian contractor compliance and management software, and that’s LinkSafe. Other software has attempted to wrest away the crown, but none has succeeded because LinkSafe has too many features and does the job so perfectly.

Better by design

Every aspect of the LinkSafe software has been designed to meet the specific purpose. That means there’s more of the good things and none of the useless things. A brief list of the major features includes:

  • Simple user interface that is easy to use
  • Data is stored in secure cloud storage – write once, read anywhere on any device
  • Tracks compliance data automatically
  • Notifies you and the contractor when any issue arises in relation to contractor compliance
  • Comprehensive dashboard display with all the most important data and statistics right at your fingertips
  • Seamless integration with all LinkSafe modules so you can handle all your business compliance and project management requirements:

Automated notification system

One of the most powerful and useful features of this system is that it automatically keeps track of all matters related to compliance (licensing, permits, training, inductions, and more).

When anything needs to be renewed or if there is any problem detected, the software sends you an alert by SMS, email, desktop notification, or all three. It can also notify your contractors for you as well.

You can probably already see why this feature is so good. By automating the process, including managing contact notifications, LinkSafe cuts your administrative overhead, leaving you with more time to focus on productive tasks.

You will no longer have to look up the mandatory requirements, manually check the status of your contractors’ various licenses and training statuses, or waste valuable time contacting each contractor that has a compliance issue. All these things take a huge amount of time when they have to be done manually.

This is possible because the system is already loaded with training and licensing rules relevant to Australian industry. When any conditions change, it can be instantly updated with the new rules.

Making sure your contractors have valid licensing, permits, training and inductions is essential because if you don’t check these things you can be partially or even fully liable for accidents or other problems that occur during the contracted work.

When a contractor is properly licensed and trained for the job, they would have to justify any mistakes they make. But if they’re not properly licensed and trained, and you didn’t check, you’ll inherit more of the responsibility, because you have a legal duty to check these compliance matters.

LinkSafe makes it easy and efficient to ensure there’s no problems with compliance for your contractors, and that helps keep your business (and your contractors and clients) safe.

90 day free trial

Not every software developer has enough faith in their products to offer a generous free trial with no restrictions on functionality.

When you request a demo copy of LinkSafe, however, you’ll get the fully working system with no restrictions at all, yours to try free for 90 days.

That’s good because it means you can try it without risk, while you see for yourself how it helps your business reduce compliance risks.


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