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Providing a staff safety induction is a requirement for all businesses. One way to ensure that your business meets legal requirements is with customised workplace safety induction software from LinkSafe.

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Bring Your Staff Safety Inductions into The Modern Age

If your business is still using spreadsheets and email chains to track things like contractors, inductions and incident reports.

Then you’ve just unlocked a way to leave all that behind and save countless hours — plus untold amounts of money — by digitising and automating those processes.

LinkSafe’s suite of bespoke and fully customisable tools allows you to create a centralised online system that’s cleaner, faster and simpler than you might think possible.

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Australia’s Best Workplace Safety Induction Systems

As one of the leading providers of staff safety induction software Australia has available, we can quickly and efficiently tailor-make a workplace safety induction system that addresses the needs of your business and your staff.
With 30 years of experience in providing flexible and customised safety solutions to businesses all across Australia, our process not only has a proven record of delivering outstanding results, but offers the kind of workplace safety induction system Australia based businesses need.

We cater for all your staff safety induction requirements with our customised software, to ensure that you meet all your health and safety commitments.

We do everything we can to ensure that your staff safety induction really reflects the needs and ethos of your business. From using your branding and logo to including your own images, video and audio, we’ll create an induction course that has 24/7 online access, is easy to navigate and use, and which will give your staff, contractors and volunteers the induction they need to work safely in your business.

Creating a Workplace Safety Induction That Reflects Your Business Needs

Our aim is to give you a fully personalised induction system that’s totally in line with your business and its needs. To this end, all our software is developed in consultation with you.

We’ll conduct an initial needs analysis, before creating customised induction software that takes into account your site and organisational policies, practice and procedures.

We’ll then give you the opportunity to review the draft software before the final version is approved and issued.

Access to Your Workplace Safety Induction System 24/7, 365 Says a Year

Once approved, our committed and professional staff will do all the work for you. From the initial setup of your staff safety induction to updating and amending your system as required.
When you choose a LinkSafe safety induction system, Australia based businesses can feel confident that you’ll not only receive induction software that meets your current requirements, but a you’ll get a flexible solution that enables you to add further modules as your business needs grow.

And, with each extra module you add to your system, you can rest assured that it will fit seamlessly into your current software. You’ll also get your own dedicated account manager to ensure that you make the most of your software system, and to deal with any queries or issues that may arise.

Get in touch with us here at LinkSafe now by calling 1300 558 102 to find out more.

The Best Workplace Staff Saftey Inductions

When you hire new employees, one of the most important things to think about is workplace safety induction.

Australia has some of the strictest laws in the world regarding employee training, and it is absolutely essential that your business is compliant in order to prevent accidents from happening – and protect you in the event that something does go wrong.

Whereas in the past health and safety training had to mean sending staff on courses that interrupted their work patterns and were a general inconvenience, these days it is far more common to provide training using computers.

But locally installed training software comes with its own set of problems and challenges, with IT staff spending their time installing, managing and troubleshooting training software rather than working on keeping your networks and systems running smoothly.

Whilst downloadable training is more convenient than sending your team on training courses that they have to attend in person, it remains far from ideal when it comes to finding a hassle-free way to give your staff access to the information they need to do their jobs safely.

Online Staff Safety Induction Software in Australia

The most convenient way to provide health and safety training for your team is to invest in online staff training software. With online systems, staff can log in on any computer that has access to the internet, and they can do so as and when it suits them.

This way, all training can be worked around the individual schedules of each staff member, with everyone completing their training as and when it works for them.

Online staff safety induction also lets you rest assured that your staff are receiving totally up to date information. Whereas with traditional, downloadable software it is necessary to wait for each major update for your training to be brought into line with changes to legislation, with online staff training software, all changes are updated immediately on the online system.

Customisable Service

Another major benefit of online staff safety induction software is that it offers you as a business owner the opportunity to provide staff training that is totally tailor made for your particular business and your staff.

Rather than providing your staff with a generic training platform that you’ve purchased and installed, you can work to create a truly customised training experience that provides all the information that is relevant to your staff in a way that fits with your particular company.

At LinkSafe, we work with businesses to create customised online staff training software that ensures everyone that joins the company is aware of their health and safety rights and responsibilities.

If you’re looking for a convenient way of ensuring all of your new recruits are fully compliant with statutory health and safety practices, LinkSafe can make it happen.

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LinkSafe is Australia’s leader in online induction software, online staff training software and workplace safety inductions. Learn more about our services today.

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Why Safety Inductions are So Important

There has arguably never been a greater focus on good practices in business across the world. Industry has taken huge leaps forward from past approaches that fostered negative work associations and brought stress and harm to the lives of those seeking to deliver results for their employers. A workplace safety induction system is essential in Australia for companies that wish to grow and also compete.

Growth can only happen through the synergistic efforts of a collective group of talented workers, and competition is only possible through sustainable growth over time. One of the easiest ways that any business can deliver a positive environment conducive to productivity is through a workplace safety induction. All employees should be required to undertake this process before they commence work so that they know what their responsibilities are, and what the responsibilities of the company are to them.

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Throughout Australia, countless companies are engaging in businesses that bring workers in close contact with hazardous materials, or requires them to undertake varying levels of risk in the furtherance of their duties. As such, through the workplace safety induction process, you need to ensure that they know the rules, the safety practices and how best to carry out their work. This promotes a safer working environment for all.

How to Gain Greater Control Over Safety

Understandably, businesses engaged in high volume work, that require sustained attention hour-by-hour often outsource their workplace safety induction to contractors. While this saves time, it opens up the possibility of outdated information being disseminated, or the sharing of knowledge about the company practices in a manner that fails to deliver clarity to each person present.

The solution to such issues is to seek out staff safety induction software. In Australia, the team here at Linksafe delivers bespoke online training platforms to clients across a variety of different industries.

We appreciate that you have utilised a particular system for years and may feel apprehensive about the transition process and the disruption it may cause. However, with a dedicated account manager working with you to help digitise the process and smoothly help you move to a smarter, more intuitive system, there really has never been a better time to embrace change and take control of your staff safety induction systems.

The best way to combat accidents in the workplace or inconsistent patterns of behaviour among staff is through a tailored made approach to your induction processes. Outsourcing might alleviate some of this burden, but a gap in knowledge or a lack of appreciation of systems and processes could cost the company a lot more.

Workplace safety induction software enhances your control over such issues. You control the information delivered at each of your sites and you maintain clear records that are ideal for compliance purposes.

30 Minutes To Change Your Safety Standards For Good

Any company that assumes their new hires, or current staff is up to date with the health, safety and regulatory standards take a major risk and leave the fate of their company to chance. With the benefit of the smart, adaptable systems accessible from the team here at Linksafe, risk can be minimised and compliance maximised.

Staff safety induction training is essential for growth and to show the wider community that your business is serious about maintaining and promoting best practices. If you wish to bolster your current standards, avail of a 30-minute zero-obligation strategy session with our team today.

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The Tools: Exactly Where LinkSafe Speeds Your Work Up

Our six applications are easy to use and fully customisable. You pay a one-off setup fee and a modest annual hosting fee (there are no per-head charges).
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Contractor Management

Add, manage and prompt your contractors on your computer, tablet or phone.

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Induction Management

Ensure everyone in your business is inducted and compliant using a simple online platform (no more time consuming face-to-face inductions!)

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Hazard Management

Record, assign, monitor and report on hazards in your business.

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Incident Management

Enable your staff to upload photos and documents, and build comprehensive incident reports

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Site Management

Gain full visibility across multiple worksites and ensure compliance without physically being there.

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Visitor Management

Bring guests to your company’s sites with minimum disruption and complete safety through a simple tablet-based app at the entrance.

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How to Choose Workplace Safety Induction Training

The process of recruiting new members of staff for your team is always quite long-winded and stressful, but even once you’ve decided who it is that you’ll be hiring, there’s still plenty to do. You’ll undoubtedly want to ensure that your new employee is able to integrate easily and starts to make an impact from their very first day.

But even more importantly than this, you’ll want to make sure that your new team member is fully aware of all of your company’s health and safety procedures – after all, there’s absolutely nothing more important for any businesses than ensuring that their staff and customers are safe on their premises.

To do so, it is always a very good idea to make sure that your business provides all new staff with a comprehensive workplace safety induction during their first few days on the job. Many companies choose to conduct the workplace induction in-house, but many others make the great decision to outsource the role to genuine experts in the training industry.

Once you’ve decided that you’re going to entrust a training expert with your workplace safety induction scheme, you’ll want to look out for a few key things in order to make sure that you end up working with a reputable, reliable professional.

Of course, testimonials from previous clients help you form a picture of the quality of the work provided, but it’s also a good idea to start thinking about whether you’d prefer a face-to-face training session or an online platform.

With an online workplace induction, you’ll be able to rest assured that your staff will be able to log on as and when it is convenient to them, and you’ll have the added benefit of being able to easily keep track of their progress and make quick and convenient changes to the course in the event that your policies or procedures change.

The Importance of a Bespoke Workplace Safety Induction

When it comes to training of any kind, it’s always important to remember that each and every industry and business is slightly different – and these variations can lead to major differences in the best procedures and practices. Standardised, generic training courses very rarely account for all these differences, meaning that they’re not always particularly relevant or engaging.

In order to guarantee that your safety induction will be highly targeted and powerful, you should always be sure to work with a company that is able to provide customised, bespoke solutions that are tailored around your specific business.

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After getting in touch with a member of the team here at LinkSafe, you’ll be able to arrange a free, no-obligation strategy session during which we’ll determine exactly how to create a safety induction that is directly relevant to the challenges that your staff face on a daily basis at work.

We’ll work closely with you until we understand how your business operates and how best to convey important and relevant safety information on to new members of your team.

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