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The What, Who, Why and How of Managing Investigations into Serious Contractor Incidents

Tuesday, February 27th, 2024
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Tuesday, February 27th, 2024
The What, Who, Why and How of Managing Investigations into Serious Contractor Incidents

Having a serious incident at your workplace can send everyone into a tailspin. This is even more likely when the incident involves contractors, as it is often unclear how contractor safety is managed within organisations. Unfortunately, this often results in everyone is trying to play catch up before the regulator arrives – and sometimes failing, with disastrous consequences.

  • What you should have in place to manage contractors to ensure you are able to respond to a regulator in the event of a serious incident, including clarity of duties and duty holders
  • Who should do what when investigating a serious incident involving contractors, including
    • what  information to share to both manage legal risk and also gain learnings to improve safety
    • who should have control of the investigation; and
    • how to manage questions and compulsive notices from the regulator.
  • Why it is important to avoid simply accepting enforcement action by the regulator, which may suggest greater management and control of, and therefore greater liability for a matter.
  • How to achieve these aims through practical tools and protocols.
This LinkSafe Legal Professional Development Series Webinar, in conjunction with law firm Gilchrist Connell, will take a close look at how not to get flat footed after a serious incident involving contractors. The session will address:
This session will support you to have processes in place to support a clear and cohesive response following a serious incident involving contractors at your workplace.
The session will be held at 11.00 a.m. on 27 Feb 2024. We hope to see you there.