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Australia’s Leading Secure Credential Management Software

When it comes to keeping track of people’s credentials, we understand it can be a real nightmare, especially when each organisation has its own specific requirements to manage. With our secure credential management software, you can ensure each individual on-site is licensed to be there, making it ideal for license management software applications.

Our track record
Image of person working at desk on a computer
650,000 credentials & licences monitored daily
Image of person typing on keyboard
500+ courses requiring specialised credentials
Image Closeup of person sitting down working on a tablet
20,000+ credentials & licences monitored per month
All credential information in one place
Access up-to-date credential information on the fly from any smart device.
Say goodbye to calendar tracking
Never miss a critical expiry date with automated alerts via email.
Keep on top of compliance
Peace of mind knowing you can prove each person on-site has the required and up-to-date credentials.
Secure and protected data
We ensure that your sensitive data is always stored securely and protected.
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What Is Unique About Our Credential Management Software?

We know exactly why you’re here – keeping track of compliance regarding inductees is not an enjoyable task. With a massive web of individual licences and qualifications from a range of multiple sites, ensuring that each one is up-to-date is not easy.

Compliance is a legal obligation, and unfortunately not an option. Depending on your requirements may determine whether you require appropriate evidence that an individual carries a correct and accurate license, this may also alter depending on what trade or service the individual is supplying your business.

Fortunately, you can skip that path altogether with our customised credential management software. Your inductees just need to upload their licenses into one easy-to-use system, and then LinkSafe will monitor all expiry dates, perfect for ISO27001 accreditation management.

What do you get out of it?

Have no idea if a contractor’s licence is nearing expiry?

No problem, our system will send out an automated alert when a contractor’s license is getting close to expiring, making it a vital tool in license management software.

Having difficulties locating specific records?

No problem, you can easily locate and retrieve all relevant records and licenses from one system. No more manually combing through spreadsheets or relying on calendars for monitoring important expiry dates! This is essential for visitor credential management and volunteer credential management.

Whatever your credential management issues may be, we’ll build a personalised and tailored solution while also providing you with continued account management and support long after you’ve received our invoice. Affordability gets you cheap results; LinkSafe gets you results worth paying for.

Credential management software benefits and features, tailored to you

  • In-depth security measures

    We take your data very seriously – we have ISO27001 accreditation. This is why all data never leaves Australia and is securely stored on IBM’s cloud data centres, in facilities that are monitored 24/7 for both on-site and network security. We also ensure AES (Advanced Encryption Security), TLS (Transport Layer Security), per-file encryptions, BitLocker disk-level encryptions and more are used for maximum data protection.

  • No manual data entry

    Who enjoys manual data entry? No one, that’s who. With our credential management software, all credentials can be uploaded and accessed from one place on the fly. No more scrolling through endless rows in a spreadsheet.

  • Prompt your employees to update their details

    Don’t rely on your contractors to keep their details up-to-date. Instead, our system will monitor all their credentials and will send out weekly reminders when a contractor is nearing expiry. No more being caught by surprise when a contractor becomes non-compliant.

  • Save time and stress

    Manually chasing up contractor details is not only time-consuming, but also a major source of stress. For a more efficient, time-saving and stress-free solution, our simple to use credential management software will ensure all records are in order and easy to locate.

    At LinkSafe, we offer similar solutions for site management, induction management, incident hazard reporting, permit to work software and more.

Credential management in 3 simple steps

Step 1
Document upload

Depending on the type of trade or service selected, the contractor uploads all their relevant and required licences, documentation and files into the system using any smart device, Mac or PC.

Step 2
Monitoring commences

Once approved, the LinkSafe system then stores all the information and begins constantly monitoring for expiry dates.

Step 3
Easy retrieval

You can instantly then retrieve all contractor credentials on the go easily from one place using your PC, Mac or any smart device.

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