Facility Contractor Management Software Solutions

As a dedicated member of the Facilities Management Association, we deeply comprehend the array of challenges encountered in facility management. Each company can serve hundreds of clients, each with hundreds of sites and an array of responsibilities such as HVAC, general maintenance and much more. To streamline this process, our centralised contractor management software integrates with existing systems and makes multiple site management a breeze for businesses throughout Australia.

Simplify Contractor & Induction Management

Our Australian built software is tailored for facility management businesses. Centralising your contractor management process, the also system ensures contractor compliance and aids in the creation of a list of preferred trades that facility management companies can quickly access and utilise. Such a system provides cost synergies via enhanced gauging and oversight of aspects like contractor selection and their services.

Once a contractor is pre-qualified and onboarded, our software allows facility management companies to easily assign client-specific as well as site-specific inductions, depending on the client they represent.

Reporting & Asset/Work Order Integration Made Easy

Our contractor management software integrates easily with existing asset management systems in facility management companies in Australia. Using our LinkSafe API we simplify the integration of asset management and work order management data. This feature enables real time data-driven results through tracking contractor compliance and time on site, making it straightforward to validate contractor invoices against their site attendance. 

In addition, our software provides a multitude of reports and dashboards designed to aid facility management companies in reporting back to their clients. Information such as time spent on-site, the contractors being used, proof of their inductions, and more, can all be easily accessed and managed.

From contractor and credential management to incident and hazard reporting, induction management, legal expertise and a host of other applications, LinkSafe provides tailored solutions to all your compliance challenges.