Facility Management

Each facility management company can have hundreds of clients, who can have hundreds of sites – all with a magnitude of responsibilities such as HVAC, general maintenance and much more. As a passionate member of the Facilities Management Association, we possess an in-depth understanding of the many challenges that can arise.

Manage contractors & inductions with one centralised system

We provide a centralised contractor management system that makes it easy for facility management companies to manage contractor compliance and create a list of preferred trades they can access and utilise.

This also helps to ensure cost synergies through improved gauging and oversight regarding factors such as choosing the contractor, their service and more.

Depending on the client that the facility management company is representing, once a contractor is pre-qualified and onboarded, the facility management company can then easily assign client-specific inductions, as well as site-specific inductions.

Ideal for reporting & asset/work order management

The LinkSafe API makes it easy to integrate both asset management and work order management data. Holding your contractors to account is made simple as our system makes it easy to track information such as compliance and time on-site, allowing you to quickly check their invoices against their attendance on-site.

Our system also allows for a large number of reports and dashboards designed to assist facility management companies report back to their clients. This can include information such as the time spent on-site, the contractors being used, proof of their inductions and much more.